A PJ Day

31 May

Is it a bad thing that I want to be in a bad mood right now, but I’m not.  My favourite shows are on TV – Bones followed by Castle.  I love a night of watching Buffy’s boyfriends!

So today started just like any other Sunday, a little bit of a sleep in and then a slow morning downstairs with the kids contemplating what to do for the rest of the day.  The plans that we had were cancelled as a friend has hurt her arm ice skating and isn’t up to walking tightropes and playing gladiator games at Action Zone at Waterfront City.  With that went my reason for getting out of my pyjamas.  Have I mentioned that everyone around me seems to be getting injured lately?

I digress.  Instead of relaxing away the day doing nothing, I figured it was high time that I tidy the house.  I planned on doing just a superficial clean in the kids rooms, starting with the almost tidy boy-child’s room.  Everything I tried to put away uncovered more mess.  I found clothes, both clean and dirty shoved in many unique hiding places.  I went to put them away but there was a severe shortage of clothes hangers so I started a clothes cull.  I managed to fill 2 shopping bags with clothes tat no longer fit or are too trashed or stained to be worn in public. 

I sorted through all the toys that were scattered all over the floor so that I could eventually vacuum.  Finally, hours later one room was habitable again, only 2 more to go on that floor (three if you count the bathroom, but that is way too much effort for today).  I moved on to girl-child’s room.  Her room is like a toy shop that has exploded – pink plastic trash and craft supplies everywhere, as well as a clothing explosion.  Where to start?

I began with the clothes, only because I knew that when she puts her clothes away, the dirty clothes end up mixed in with the clean clothes and everything ends up shoved into the wrong places so I figured it was a logical place to start.  She returned home with friends in time to finish cleaning her room giving me time to move on to the study.

I managed to pack up some board books that are still in great condition to take over to Lil Sis’s house.  I found all sorts of bits and pieces that shouldn’t have been in the study area that don’t really have a home.  I didn’t have the time nor the energy to try and find homes for all of the random items so they were shoved into bags and stashed under the stairs with all the other clutter that has accumulated.  At one stage I was on such a roll with the re-organising that I started sorting all the Beados beads.  I’m not sure if that was merely avoidance and procrastination or if it was an OCD tendency in overdrive. 

The whole afternoon was made worse by the sounds I could hear from the park.  It was a beautiful sunny day so the kids all wanted to go over to the park.  I would normally let my kids go to the park together but since they had friends over and I/we were responsible for them, I didn’t want them in the park unsupervised.  I was still in my pjs so I wasn’t really in a position to sit in the park in my cat jammies.  Instead they dragged man-child home from a friends house so that he could spend some time playing with them in the park.  They were squealing in delight having a great time hiding in giant piles of autumn leaves and I was stuck at home, in my own prison surrounded by mess that I didn’t make.  Minute by minute, the day was getting worse, until I was in such a bad mood that I just wanted to crawl under a rock and hide.  Either that or yell and scream.  I ended up just muttering and swearing a lot.  

Finally the mess was put away, tidied up and everything was dusted.  All that was really remaining was to vacuum the remainder of the floor and the stairs.  Now let me say up front that I hate vacuuming more than any other house cleaning chore.   It really wasn’t that much of a hassle until I got to the stairs.  I was on the middle floor vacuuming and worked my way down the stairs.  I was on a roll, my mood was starting to improve, the tedium was almost over.  Then the vacuum cleaner came bounding down the stairs, straight for me.  Of course being trapped on the stairs, holding on to one end of the vacuum cleaner there really wasn’t anywhere for me to go.  I tried to move out of the way, down the stairs out of the reach of the cord but I wasn’t fast enough, the bloody thing hit me.  It hit me on the side of my other knee, the one that didn’t hurt as a result of falling down the stairs.  I was able to grab hold of the bannister to stop myself falling any further but it bloody hurt.  Now I have two sore knees and I still have one more flight of stairs to vacuum but I a not going to vacuum them today, perhaps tomorrow but realistically the vacuum will sit at the bottom of the other staircase and get in the way for a few days and then one day it will end up back in the cupboard and the floor will remain dirty!   I think that my main reason for hating vacuuming was as a result of the work that is required to be done prior to a floor being vacummed – putting away all the crap, but now I have another reason for my hatred – injury.

There you go, they are some or the reasons why I really didn’t enjoy the bulk of the day.  So what are the reasons that I shouldn’t be in a bad mood?  Well first of all, I did get a sleep in.  

Secondly a new neighbour from the share house next door dropped in to introduce herself.  She was given a football toy by colleagues before moving to Melbourne. Since she has no desire to play with a kids toy, her new housemates suggested she drop it over to us for the kids.  What a perfect way to meet the neighbours – the new arrival bringing gifts!  As well as bearing gifts, she seems to be a person that I would like to get to know better.

After me being a total grouch, man-child made dinner for us and then cleared up as I did the bath, book and bed routine with the kids.

After my long day of cleaning, we will start the hectic week with a tidy house.  Almost everything is put away so hopefully it will stay that way for more than one day.

Right now, man-child is hanging out one of the last of the eleventy thousand loads of washing that has been done today.  All is forgiven.

As well as all of this, I have received a few emails that have made me feel that all is great with the world but I will write more about all of that in another post, a post more worthy of great news.  All of this and I am still in my pyjamas, ready to curl up in bed at the end of my shows.  Not entirely a bad day at all I guess.

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One response to “A PJ Day

  1. Ashlea

    June 1, 2009 at 9:19 am

    PJ Days are the best! especially when there are good shows you can watch on TV.

    Poor thing! you seem to be having a bad run with those stairs. You should tell everyone that you will stay on the ground floor until bed, and they have to do the running up and down the stairs for you 🙂

    I hope you have a good start tp the week!


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