Dumping Ground

30 May

Apologies in advance – this space is becoming a dumping ground.  I have been away from here for only a few days and have realised that I miss being here, that I can clear away some of the gunk and guff if I visit here often, sometimes to write, but most often to read.  I haven’t even been doing that and I feel completely out of touch.  It is an addiction, but one that seems to be working for me, without doing any real damage so it must be a good thing.  

So now for the dumping, the bullet addition.  Let’s start off with catch-up, filling in all the gaps of what has happened in the past few months, that I have blogged about but never ended up filling in the rest of the story. Here goes

  • We all still have lingering remnants of a cough but it is nothing more than a cough (well except for man-child who is lucky enough to get bronchitis any time he gets a cough).  No one we know has been affected by swine flu.  No one we know has or has had influenza this season. 
  • Boy-child is enjoying life more now that he has his cast off.  He still hasn’t regained full movement of his arm but he is now able to actually able to use his left hand to put food into his mouth without having to bend his head towards his hand.
  • So physically he is doing better and I think that it has helped him cope with school and peers.  He still doesn’t seem to like many of the people in his class, but he does appear to be more tolerant.  He no longer clings to me every day begging me to let him stay home.  It is still a work in progress.
  • Mum is better, she never actually found out what caused the not stroke, but the fact that it wasn’t a stroke is a good thing.  The last few months has made me realise just how quickly life can be turned upside down and all of a sudden parents, my parents as well as parents of friends, are getting old.  Getting old means the likelihood of more health issues increases and that scares me more than I care to think about.  
  • Lil sis is half way through her pregnancy already.  All appeared to be going well, but apparently there could be some unforeseen complications.  As a result they have brought forward her ultrasound and scheduled her for an additional round of  doctors appointments this week.  I and everyone else is hoping that it nothing too serious, based on the assumption that they didn’t schedule the scans on the spot, but it may be something to be concerned about as they weren’t willing to wait an extra few days until her pommy boy arrives to be there with her for the appointments.  Fingers crossed it is nothing major.
  • My knee is feeling a little better, but it really isn’t healed.  Perhaps that has something to do with not actually resting it at all.  Doing level 1 of the Shred has put less stress on it, but there are still far too many lunges for it to actually recover.  Still deciding what level of Shred to do next week.  I feel like I work better and harder doing level 1 because I actually do all of the exercises and do the harder option (most of the time at least) but I do it with a 7 year old wondering why I don’t do level 2 any more? are you ever going to do level 3?  The ‘peer’ pressure may get to me, who knows?
  • Girl-child seems to be coping better with the concept of death in an abstract manner, as long as I pinkie-swear that I will try not to die almost daily.  Clearly there are still issues that we need to work through, but it is on the improve.
  • Man-child has decided that he needs to get in on the injury action and hyperextended his elbow at basketball during the week.  Fortunately there is no major damage visible on the xray, only soft tissue damage that has restricted the movement he has in his left arm.  For a few days there was a competition to see which boy could move their arm more.

So I think that sums up the updates, health wise, moving on to other areas.

  • Work is frustrating.  All of the issues that were driving me insane last time I complained are still there unresolved but I have started working on a couple of new projects and partnerships that are exciting.  It is keeping me interested and motivated and most days I am looking forward to going to work.  
  • All going well, I will be moving offices, hopefully in the next month (although we were supposed to move offices in March) so that should make the work environment more pleasurable and enjoyable.  There is still the possibility of my work hours increasing and I don’t know if I want to, I am starting to really enjoy and need my extra time off.  
  • I have decided that I really enjoy doing craft projects, but only when I am with someone else.  I don’t do craft when I am on my own, I think I equate craft with being social and relaxing.
  • I still have far too many things on my to-do list but I managed to tick one item off tonight – the furniture downstairs is rearranged.  Next on the list?  Cull stuff from the kids rooms – again!

I think that just about gets things up to date.  I will just add one more thought based on a conversation with a colleague whose theory was that your desk is a reflection of the person you are.  She used herself as an example – her desk is disorganised and she claims that she is also.  So my desk is a dumping ground for not only my stuff but everyone else’s stuff that the y can’t fix or don’t know what to do with so what does that say about me?


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2 responses to “Dumping Ground

  1. Ashlea

    May 31, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Never mind about the dumping ground! we are all here to listen. Its what friends are for.

    I have nominated you for the Queen award over at my blog. Check it out!

  2. Lea White

    May 31, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Life sure seems really busy for you at the moment. Hang in there. Soon things will feel more in control again!


    PS. I tagged you over at my blog:


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