Craptastic Days

25 May

Well it has been yet another craptastic day that gets no more than a few random bullets explaining why.

  • My knee still hurts from the stair sliding incident a week ago, so I downgraded the Shred to Level 1 to try and reduce the stress on it during the bajillion pendulum lunges.  As a way to make myself work harder I increased the weights I was working with and now everything hurts.
  • We decided to walk to school and work this morning, we had plenty of time there was no rush but I did notice when we were almost there that girl-child was wearing a dirty school jumper.  Now dirty school clothes isn’t entirely unusual around here, but not on a Monday morning when we have actually done load upon load of washing over the weekend.
  • Boy-child’s class presented at assembly this morning meaning that I simply HAD to stay and watch, despite the fact that he wasn’t there on Friday when they rehearsed and he took no part in it.  (It looked like he was the only person in the class to not do anything, but I am too afraid to ask him if he was the only one for fear of making him realise that he missed out and then upset him.)
  • I am far too emotional at the moment and I can’t find my sunglasses to hide from the world!
  • I still had no access to my shared drives at work so the day wasn’t particularly productive, just long!
  • I spent the afternoon/evening procrastinating and that leads to compulsive eating.  It is just way too easy to eat everything in sight rather than put it away.  Oops, that clearly isn’t in any diet plan.
  • The stupid geriatric cat puked on the carpet on the middle floor – hooray, more stains and disgusting smells.  Hubby walked in just in time to clean it up (small miracles).
  • I planned on an early night and all of a sudden it isn’t early any more.

On a good note, the kids blog is up-to-date again and it always makes me feel better knowing that one tiny area of my world is under control.  Good night Monday, bring on a great Tuesday, please…


Edited to add – Boy-child came home from school with a note for me that began 

Dear Parent,

Your child received and injury to their head at school today…


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2 responses to “Craptastic Days

  1. Ali

    May 26, 2009 at 12:21 am

    Oh hugs for you. I hope tomorrow is better.

  2. Ellen

    May 26, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Head injury… You didn’t get a call?? We always call. Weird!


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