They are SO NOT SICK!

22 May

So if you were to peek in my windows this morning you would see two fit and healthy kids destroying the lounge.  Apparently they are sorting through all the pencils, textas, crayons and random drawing implements that are on their craft shelf.  Following some slightly OCD tendencies (no idea where they come from)they are testing to make sure they all work and sharpening all of their pencils.  As they are doing this they are also making and decorating paper planes, not just any old paper planes they are making Thunderbirds in order to allow them to re-enact the Thunderbirds movie as it plays, again.

If you were to wander through the front door right about now, the smell of a baking cake would greet you.  In anticipation of the afternoon munchies (morning munchies are sorted by eating an entire pineapple, another tin of pineapple, a couple of bananas and a couple of bowls of cereal between) the kids have just made a rainbow cake from scratch using a secret recipe.  I say secret recipe but that is because we would never be able to duplicate it again because  I was too lazy to actually find a recipe so I used a chocolate cake recipe that I can make in my sleep minus the cocoa of course and partly because the kids made it all themselves.  (Did I say half a cup?  That over-full cup of sugar is close enough!)  They then added cocoa to part of the mixture and sickly strawberry essence to another part before swirling it through the vanilla mixture and putting it in to bake.  It smells delicious, a gluten laden delight.

If you were to drop by and deliver copious amounts of chocolate I would be eternally grateful.  If you were to drop by and insist that I celebrate Friday with a bottle of bubbles right now I would not be disappointed.  

So to sum it up, after a spectacularly craptastic night both kids are home from school today.  Other than minor sniffles and a few random coughs as experienced by half the population at the moment, you would think that they didn’t have a worry in the world.  In fact they don’t have a worry in the world, they are already beginning an extra long weekend.  I figured that it was much safer to keep both kids at home than have to deal with the melodramatic politics of school (OMG – what if you are all contagious!).  Besides if I took a child to school today it would involve dressing and thus dramatically reduce my ability to just crawl back into bed at any time.  


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