I’m Next

22 May

I have discovered that the best thing about having both kids home from school on a school day when they really aren’t sick is that they have company all day long.  This afternoon’s activity of choice seems to be playing shop.  Now that seems like a typical kid game to play, I have fond memories of playing shop myself as a kid, but these guys have taken it to a whole new level – they are playing massage therapy shop!  

Using towels, blankets and pillows they set up a massage area.  They calculated that each massage would cost a dollar and then borrowed some money from me.  They divided up the money so that we all had a few coins each and then it was time for the massage shop to open.  Boy-child booked in for the first massage.  Girl-child ran to grab some moisturiser and away she went massaging his back.


Boy-child clearly enjoys a massage
Boy-child clearly enjoys a massage


When I saw that the massage was real, I quickly rang to make an appointment.  I was told that there was still time for a massage, but the shop would be closing soon.  Be back soon…

So I am back and all refreshed from my massage.  I was fortunate to have two wonderful ‘therapists’ working on my back.  Initially there was a little tension as to who was hogging the massage area but they soon worked out that there was a simple way to share my back, the therapists each kept to their own side of my spine!  

The divided massage soon gave way to a competition of naughts and crosses, over and over on my back.  It was really quite relaxing.  It became even more relaxing when they decided they had to rub the over abundance of cream into my skin before the massage could be over.  They had used so much skin cream to play naughts and crosses that it took forever!

All too soon, about 15 minutes later, the massage was over.  I went to pay for the wonderful treatment that I had received buy boy-child insisted on paying for my treatment using his credit card.  The massage shop was then closed, the equipment shoved out of the way before both kids ran upstairs together, giggling and plotting their next adventures.

Man I love my kids, they rock. 

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One response to “I’m Next

  1. Ali

    May 22, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    That’s cute. I’m glad they don’t have the swine flu!


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