Just a Day

18 May

As the clock ticks over to 7.30pm, I sit on the couch in a quiet house.  The kids are tucked up in bed and even man-child has gone to bed for a nanna nap.  Instead of going to bed when everyone else did – before 7pm, I decided to sit and reflect on my day.  

Let’s just say the day began in a rather spectacularly awkward fashion, me slipping down the stairs – literally.  Let me fill you in on how that could possibly happen.  You see the evil cat has taken to going for an early morning stroll around the house, usually between 5.30 and 6am.  I don’t hear or notice her leaving, but I notice her on her way back to bed as she walks over my head and can’t decide if she should curl up on my pillow, where my head is or if she should nuzzle at the covers until she can squeeze in under them.  She isn’t loud at all, but she does wake me enough to make me realise that I need to run to the loo.  Usually I lay there in the semi darkness contemplating the benefits of getting up to pee compared with staying snug in bed for another few minutes.  I never actually look at the clock as that will only remind me how soon it is until the day begins.  Of late, the lay in bed and hope not to pee wins out, I figure it will only be a few minutes until the alarm sounds.  Even if it is a few more minutes, it is still minutes spent warm and snug under the doona.

When the alarm sounds, I grab my phone and my jumper and slide my feet into my fuzzy monster feet slippers and sneak off downstairs as quietly as possible.  It is around this time the boy-child is stirring and is often found wandering to the toilet.  (Did I mention that we are alike in many, many ways?)  I try to sneak by his room without him noticing me, so I can attempt to Shred in relative peace and quiet.  This morning I managed to time my run for when he was actually in the bathroom.  I could hear the tinkles as I snuck down the stairs.  The stairs creak and I was trying to go as quietly as possible, yet quickly so that he wouldn’t see me.  I noticed the tinkles had stopped when I was half way down.  I hurried a little faster.  I heard footsteps moving in my direction.  I continued to hurry whilst turning around to see if I had been sprung sneaking downstairs, only to totally lose co-ordination and my footing.  Somehow I completely missed the fifth step from the bottom, my foot slipped down to the fourth step, landing awkwardly and hurting both my knee and ankle before bouncing the remainder of the way down the stairs on my bum.  Bravo – what a spectacular start to the day!

Now boy-child hadn’t seen me, nor had he heard me sneak by, well not until I crashed down the stairs that is.  It was only a matter of minutes before he joined me in the lounge.  When he arrived, he questioned why I was sitting on the couch and not exercising like I should?  He reminded me that I would never get to Level 3 if I didn’t keep practicing Level 2.  Dagnabbit, the boy had a point.  I dutifully put the dvd on and began to Shred.  The commentary throughout was along the lines of why I was still doing the easy exercises and not the really hard ones?  I found it increasingly difficult to explain whilst contemplating the pain of the Shred.  Fortunately by the end of the workout my entire body hurt to match my knee and ankle!

Girl-child woke as I was finishing and the preparations for the day to began in earnest.  In fact we had so much time that it was almost pleasant, no rushing, no arguing and no mess.  We even made it to school with enough time to spare that the kids could have a play first.  Perhaps the day was going to be alright after all.

I thought too soon.  I had promised that I would stay for assembly, more as a deterrent for getting to work on time.  That was before I remembered that it was a ‘special assembly’ to celebrate Education Week.  By special, I really mean ‘extra long’.  As boy-child was running into his class line to go into the hall, he gave me one last cuddle kiss.  In his exuberance he managed to accidentally dig a surprisingly sharp fingernail into my lip, gouging out a hole and drawing blood.  I sat through the ‘special assembly’ with the delightful taste of blood in my mouth.

Eventually it was time to bid farewell to the kids and head for work.  I was off to a great start, by this time I was almost an hour late!  I logged on to find that there were no less than 500 emails eagerly awaiting my attention.  I knew it was going to be a long day.

I snuck out during my lunch break to help a friend move a bed from Lil Sis’s third floor apartment to her townhouse, using her Jeep.  After much giggling and tripping over holes in the lawn (stupid ankle) we managed to squeeze everything in, so we did have to fold the mattress in half, but surely it will spring back to some sort of usefulness.  No one actually said the mattress had to be comfortable, it was going in to the spare room!

I was late getting back from lunch, but I don’t know why I bothered – there was no on in the office at all.  I could have stayed out all day long and it wouldn’t have mattered but I was to conscientious, either that or I knew I still had hundreds of emails to sift through.  By the end of the working day, the email count was down to 90 something, with dozens marked for further follow up, but they could wait, my out-of-office was still on and no-one external actually knew I was back!

There were no major, or minor injuries to report for the remainder of the day, however I did receive messages from two separate people about creepy crawlies and vermin that must die, referring of course to nits.  This of course coincides with the only time in the entire school year, twice last week,that girl-child has worn her hair to school not tied back or braided.  I am just waiting for her head to itch, in fact my head is itching just thinking about it.  I really should have checked her hair tonight but I just didn’t have the energy, besides she was tired and she wanted to go to bed and who am I to argue with that?

So that brings me up to date and I now face another dilemma.  Do I just go to bed like the rest of the family or do I sit up and actually enjoy the peace and quiet in an almost tidy house?  

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