Back to Reality

17 May

So my leave is officially over and I am back at work again tomorrow.  All going well I will be at work long enough to at least check and respond to email before the next catastrophe strikes.  Looking back, I have spent only 2 weeks of the past 2 months actually at work.  I see some creative writing in my imminent future making up for lost hours.  

I am not sure if I am looking forward to going back to work or if I am dreading it.  If it is drama free, it should actually be enjoyable however the chances of that actually occurring at this stage are slim to none.  I spoke with my mum again tonight and she has had another batch of testing done.  It appears that mid-week she may have suffered a minor stroke, temporarily affecting her vision.  So far the testing is inconclusive and they can’t confirm it, but at this stage they are treating it as if it is a stroke.  I haven’t felt able to write about it yet.  In fact I don’t feel ready to talk or write about it now so I will merely just report the facts as I know them.  The next batch of test results are due back on Wednesday, so hopefully we will know more then.  

On a much more positive note, boy-child had his cast removed during the week.  All is healing well.  His arm is so tiny that I can easily circle his upper arm with my fingers and the smell, well that was another level of disgusting entirely.  The peeling skin and dirt that was crusted to his arm after almost 7 weeks in a cast was quite astounding.  He has about a 3 inch scar along his arm that still has a few stitches in it but is healing nicely.  We are still not sure about what happens next, his surgeon wants him to live a few months with a normal and functional arm before they make decisions about whether he requires further surgery in the foreseeable future.   All the shattered arm drama aside, here are some gratuitous photos of my beautiful boy-child and his gigantic elbow.

***Edited to add – apparently the link to the slide show doesn’t work, but it did manage to insert as a post all on its own.  Go figure?  I am too tired to bother.***

Otherwise, this week I have been so tired that I have had a nanna-nap on two separate days.  I did manage to Shred 5 mornings, but my eating has left much to be desired.  Perhaps that is is a result of hot scones being available for an afternoon snack with friends, or the hot chocolate and cake required to bribe boy-child to get his hair cut.  Maybe it was the picnic we were at yesterday.  Perhaps it is the fact that I gave in and bought a block of chocolate this afternoon to reward myself for spending the day patching, sanding and painting Lil Sis’s apartment!  Back at work I imagine I will be too busy to snack on crap food, or at least that is the plan.

And right now, the geriatric cat is meowing loudly and is insistant that I go to bed.  For once I think that I might actually listen to her.  

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One response to “Back to Reality

  1. Ali

    May 18, 2009 at 11:08 am

    Oh, his poor wee arm! It does look tiny in comparison to his elbow. Sorry to hear about your Mum. Will keep my fingers crossed that all is ok. Hope work goes well. Such a pity you can not give it up and blog full time for money. Wouldn’t that be a delight.


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