Time Flies, Except When Doing the Shred

12 May

It is hard to believe that ten years ago yesterday I started the most difficult training course of my life.  Along with 18 other people, we studied in class together, trained together and crammed for Monday morning exams over breakfast together.  Throughout the course we became great friends, friends that you know will do anything for you.  

Ten years on, we are spread far and wide but we are still friends.  We don’t get time to catch up very often – work, ever expanding families (theirs, not mine) and life seems to get in the way.  A few of us make a point to go out together at least once a year.  Tonight was the night that we went out to celebrate a decade of insanity and fun.  There were four of us and we went for dinner at Mecca Bah at Docklands.  The food was delicious, the service was great and the company was fantastic.  

Before we knew it, hours had flown by and still there was more to talk about – how our lives have changed in a decade, who has how many kids, where we are all living and working and most surprisingly how everyone is still with the partner they were with 10 years ago.  We could have talked for hours more, but the others each lived an hours drive away (in opposite directions), fwe all have kids to wake us early in the morning and we have  to work tomorrow.  We did find time to make plans to catch up later in the year to celebrate our graduation.  I wonder how many of the 19 will be able to make it to a graduation reunion?  Hopefully everyone.


And on a completely unrelated note – I have now done 7 days of the Shred.  I decided that I was coping with it reasonably well so I decided to do level 2 today.  Let’s just say OUCH, is it too late to go back to the comfort and security of level 1!  I really can’t say that I enjoyed it.  I was chanting over and over, ‘It is only 20 minutes’, but they were 20 really really long minutes, especially when doing any exercises that involve the push-up/plank position.  The best part of the Shred was boy-child wandering downstairs as I finished and asking if I could snuggle with him on the couch – the perfect way to end the pain and start the day.

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One response to “Time Flies, Except When Doing the Shred

  1. Ali

    May 12, 2009 at 12:21 am

    Those friendships are great. I have a few uni friends who I may only see twice a year but the conversation always flows.

    Well done you for keeping up with this shred business. It sounds hideous!


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