Boys Are Dumb

12 May

This isn’t a comment I have used here before, but it is a statement that I have used frequently in my life – BOYS ARE DUMB!  It is just the general phrase that I use with friends to explain all sorts of irrelevant, ridiculous or rude things that the boys around me have been known to do, kind of like a serious case of foot in mouth disease.  This post is going to be a post about one of those moments.

We (a friend, the kids and I) were sitting around the dinner table, surprisingly we were eating dinner.  Man-child was wandering through the house getting ready for basketball.  Boy-child had had a friend over for a play after school and the dinner conversation drifted to friendships when man-child asked how many best-friends a person can have.  Girl-child stated that she had millions of friends but boy-child said he had only one friends but of course not the friend he was playing with this afternoon.  We tried to direct the conversation towards having heaps of friends in all sorts of places.  

Man-child then took over the conversation in a very theatrical manner.  Pointing to my friend he declared ‘This is my best girl friend’, then he turned to girl-child saying ‘This is my best daughter’ and then to me ‘This is my best wife’ or something similarly flattering.  He then turned and walked out of the room.  The look of desolation on boy-child’s face was heartbreaking, giant tears were welling in his eyes threatening to spill and he physically sunk down lower into his seat.  Fortunately man-child walked back in and was able to rectify the situation by making a big deal about boy-child being his ‘most favourite friend in the whole world’.  Each time he was complimented, you could see boy-child grow taller in his chair.  He was so excited to not be forgotten that he started doing dramatic blushes and sighs that would be worthy of an Oscar.

So there we go, that is why boys are dumb and why it is universally known that man-child should remove his foot from his mouth and then speak, either that or think first!


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3 responses to “Boys Are Dumb

  1. Ali

    May 12, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    Oh, poor wee boy child. Boys really can be dumb sometimes.

  2. FFG

    May 14, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    He is such a sweet sentimental boy.

  3. man-child

    May 16, 2009 at 11:54 am



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