To Exercise or Not To Exercise?

09 May

I am sitting here trying to decide if I should go to bed or if I should exercise.  I have googled exercise frequency and not surprisingly every site I visit varies.  The suggested days of exercise varies from  30 minutes 3 days a week to 6 hours a day  (who has that much time?) 6 or 7 days a week so overall that is no help.  I was thinking that perhaps I would Shred 5 days a week then rest and recover on weekends but I am thinking that perhaps I will need to do something tonight to counter all the food that I have consumed today.  Perhaps core strength exercises or something.  As I ponder the concept of exercising today I will re-cap my day.

Last night was fun, eating and drinking with friends, then curling up in the lounge room with kids draped over us watching kids movies.  Not the busy night that was occurring at our house but a really nice night out – delicious food and great company.  The dilemma came after the second movie, do we put the kids into bed here or do I brave the madness and take them home.  The choice was really do they sleep over and keep each other awake all night and wake early (them not me – I would get a sleep in) or take them home and cross my fingers and hope they get to sleep with the noise and but hopefully they could manage a sleep in?  The thought of them having a sleep in won and we went home.  

Despite the noise of a few dozen people playing poker downstairs, girl-child was asleep in minutes.  Boy-child took a little longer, but he had my ipod to distract him from the noise and he didn’t take too long to drift off.  Now instead of doing the responsible thing – going to bed to sleep as it was already midnight, I decided to go back downstairs to say hello to old friends and colleagues.  Before I knew it, it was 2am and way way past bedtime.

Even two floors away, I could still hear the cacophony from the poker games, so I grabbed my phone and listened to music until I fell eventually asleep.   I woke as man-child came to bed but I refused to open my eyes to see what time it was for fear that I wouldn’t get back to sleep.  When I did wake, it was around 8am.  There was little noise downstairs so I stayed in bed a while longer.  When I did surface, girl-child was still sound asleep in her room, a friend was asleep in the study and another in the lounge where boy-child was watching tv.  

Clearly my post last night was a not so subtle hint to man-child that I expected to wake to a respectable house.  Now I would normally say or imply that I didn’t want to wake to a mess, but it doesn’t always work.  Having it in writing seems to make all the difference – the house was clean, in a boy-clean kind of way.  Hooray for blogging! 

Apparently the final game of poker finished at 6am.  I figured that it was close to 3 when I went to sleep and I was awake at 8, therefore man-child having gone to bed at 6 could sleep until 11 at which point he was woken and sent on errands to get meat and vegies from the market ready for lunch.

He was just arriving back from the market, looking very seedy and sleepy when the first of our guests arrived.  We had a fantastic afternoon sitting around catching up on old times and just gossiping in general.  The afternoon went by in the blink of an eye.  There were the four of us, best friends from our final year of high school, a few partners, and 5 kids all having a great time together. It was great that conversations flow easily and we picked up where we left off even though we haven’t seen each other in months.

Of course we all over-ate at lunch and I am still full and don’t want any dinner.  The kids were fed at a reasonable hour and are sound asleep in bed.  Why am I still up? IMG_1441

I had to post this photo, Boy-child is sleeping with an eye mask and the lights on!  Also to show one of the cat’s favourite places to sleep – on the pillow, although it is usually my pillow and often she ends up on my head.

So back to the point of this post, to exercise or not to exercise?  I need to do something, I don’t have the energy to make up my own program and actually do it properly on the spur of the moment so I think I will just Shred.  As well as that, FreckleFaceGirl gave me the greatest compliment ever the other day, telling me I was inspirational for exercising at the end of a really long and exhausting day.  With that in mind to motivate me, it is Shred and then bed for me.  Nite.

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