Random Bits and Pieces

05 May

Just a few things that I don’t have the time nor the energy to dedicate an entire post to, but want to remember for one reason or another, some because they are hopefully the start of better times and others because they are just so disgusting that they are funny!  So, here we go with the bullets again

  • Being unwell last week means that I didn’t empty girl-child’s school bag, I just assumd that it had been emptied.  Unfortunately not.  Guess what?  Melon really doesn’t hold up in a lunchbox for a week.  The resultant smell when the lunch box made me glad that I hadn’t yet eaten breakfast.
  • Perhaps after starting a new exercise regime, spending the day patching walls and painting is probably not the most intelligent thing to do.  I am sure I am going to pay for it tomorrow and the next day.
  • Girl-child is back at school again today, scabby spots (not contagious) and all.  When I picked her up she was proudly pinching something between her fingers.  Of course I enquired what her treasure was.  She proudly showed me a scab that had come off during assembly that morning, 6 and a 1/2 hours ago.  Apparently it was from her biggest pock and she wanted to keep it.  She took it in to class with her and put it in her locker, on a piece of blue tack until the end of the day.  She carried it home safely and then found a small box to put it in.  She wants to keep it forever.  Now I am too scared to look for a mint to chew as I know her scab is tucked away safely in an old mint box.  EEWWWW!
  • Boy-child had no-one to play with at school again today.  He wanted to play with his little sister but he claims that he didn’t know the other people she was playing with so he stayed on his own.
  • I get to go along to Lil Sis’s scan tomorrow.  The proud parents don’t want to find out the gender of the baby, but I do so I will be looking at that grainy black and white screen trying to see if I can see anything.
  • Boy-child has been invited to a classmates house after school tomorrow.  It may be as a result of me running in to his mum today rather than a direct request but either way it is a step in the right direction towards him making some relationships with class mates.  I actually see potential in this friendship, he is new to the school and not settled into any specific cohorts yet.

And to leave the best bit till last…

  • Lil Sis has asked me to be her and the Pommy Bloke’s birthing partner.  I will be the gofer.  I will be the one with the camera taking photos of little Billy’s arrival to show family and friends all around the world.  I am so excited that I can’t find the words to describe the honour.
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One response to “Random Bits and Pieces

  1. Ali

    May 5, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Oh gross. I’m not so sure I would have been able to tolerate the scab keeping. Glad the boy-child is possibly making a new friend but sad that he had a rough day.
    Oooh, exciting, I got to be at my nephew’s birth earlier in the year and it was wonderful.


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