It Starts OR Shred Day 1

04 May

The alarm went off this morning, just as the dream I was having was getting really interesting, of course the minute I sat up I forgot what I was dreaming about.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed but since I was awake and already in exercise clothes, I really had no excuse.  I tried to sneak down the stairs quietly, to torture myself in relative peace and quiet but it didn’t work.  As soon as I snuck downstairs and rounded the corner I saw that the boy-child’s light was on.  He was peeking out of his bed as I walked by wanting to know what I was doing.  As soon as he found out I was exercising, at home, he wanted to come downstairs and watch.  Hooray exercise and a captive audience, it was going to be great.

I really didn’t know what to expect of the Shred.  Sure I have read post after post of everyone’s success stories, seen some amazing photos, have kept up-to-date with tweets, but all I really knew was that it was going to hurt – A LOT.  I didn’t know how much space I would need, I didn’t know if I needed anything else to assist me during the Shred.  It wasn’t until I pressed play that I realised that I needed some hand weights.  Shit, hand weights, I know that I have some here somewhere, but where to look.  The last time I saw them they were in boy-child’s room, on top of his toy box.  Of course that was many, many moons ago.  I have no idea where they are now, even boy-child doesn’t know where they ended up when they left his toy box.  Time to get creative, I quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed two jars of pasta sauce to use in lieu of hand weights as I listened to what else I would require.  What’s that, I need an exercise mat too?  Damn, that would imply that I was serious about exercise.  I don’t have an exercise mat, quick boy-child, put on some warmer clothes so I can use that blanket as a mat.  He found a smaller blanket to wrap in and I had the larger blanket folded ready to go before it was time to start for real.  

OK, time to Shred.  A little warm-up followed by 3 minutes of strengthening, 2 minutes of cardio and a minute of abs.  Sure, no sweat I can do that three times.  Boy-child decided to Shred along with me.  Round 1 not too bad, sure the push-ups weren’t so much fun but I got there.  Round 2 and things were starting to warm up, but I was feeling good and then it was time for round 3.  Oh my god, round 3!  Minutes have never felt so long.  It was like some time warp, it felt like forever.  I never thought I would hear those beautiful words ‘2 to go’.  

Finally it was done, I was ready to climb back in to bed but for some reason boy-child couldn’t understand why I was exhausted.  He proclaimed that he was all warmed up and ready to Wii.  He did the majority of the workout alongside me.  I used my pasta sauce jars as weights and he used a couple of dvds.  He did struggle with the punching, but that is probably a case of his arm still being in a cast from his armpit to his fingers.  

Overall, I am happy to be on my way to getting into shape.  I cant’t be sure I will be so happy to be on the way tomorrow when I am too sore to move, but fingers crossed it won’t be too painful.  I have taken measurements and perhaps one day I will share them with the world, the photos (if I ever get brave enough to take them) not so much sharing likely to be happening there, at least not the Before shots until I can show the After shots.  

So I have survived day 1 of the Shred.  The alarm is set and in 8 hours I will be back downstairs Shredding my way through day 2.  Only 29 days left to a new me.

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