Oobla Di Oobla Da

28 Apr

“Oobla Di Oobla Da, Life Goes On” is the tune that keeps running through my head.  I don’t really know how that should be written, but I am too tired to Google it so that will have to do.  In keeping with the too tired theme, just a few bullets to remind me of why I am so insane…

  • Leaving a condolence on a person’s Facebook Wall isn’t the most appropriate way to say you are sorry, especially when not all of the family have been notified!
  • Listening to talk of funerals and what needs to be organised, whilst not actually able to take part is quite alienating (yet somehow I am grateful for not being available).
  • Working from home is hard when you have to hide away from everyone and end up with the laptop working on the sofa bed upstairs in the study where it is quiet and dark.  Let’s just emphasise the quiet, dark and bed parts – I was too tired to work much, so I read and napped and have only just finished now.
  • Bath tubs aren’t as deep as I remembered them.  There isn’t much point soaking in an itch-removing tub of smelly goo, if said smelly goo doesn’t actually cover any itchy body parts.
  • Both kids went to a friends house after school and ended up staying for dinner – Hooray for great friends!
  • Not surprisingly, man-child didn’t sleep much last night either.  He has been sleeping fitfully since early this evening, tossing and turning and talking in his sleep.  A sure sign of him being stressed and not coping, just not admitting it.

And finally

  • Girl-child came home from dinner and was also spotted with Pox!

That is 3 out of 4.  Do you think we will make it a clean sweep.  What more can I say Oobla Di Oobla Da, Life Goes On…

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