A Weird Weekend

26 Apr

This is going to be a very brief post, a summary of the weekend, to just get some info out into the big wide world.  

Firstly, ANZAC day, a day that I love to share with family and friends watching the march on TV feeling patriotic and proud to be Australian.  In a diverse football home were man-child follows Collingwood and boy-child follows Essendon, the traditional ANZAC day footy match is always going to be on the TV.  It is also a great opportunity to invite a few like-minded friends over to watch the game.  I lasted until around 11.30am and went upstairs to bed.  I was feeling exhausted and my back was aching when I stood for more than a few minutes, then hurt when I sat for a while.  

Bed was clearly the best place to be.  I read and slept off and on for about 4 hours.  When I finally wandered downstairs, the game was almost over.  The house was full of people all laughing and joking and having a great time.  We sat around eating and drinking until around 8.  By 8.11pm, I was back in bed and not far from sleep.  I stayed in bed until almost 10 this morning and still I was tired and uncomfortable but there was no more time for sleep, it was time to get ready to head into Docklands to see Dralion, Cirque du Soleil.  

The day out with the family was fantastic, despite the freezing cold wind and the rain.  Dralion was amazing.  The performers were spectacular.  They made every movement look effortless and after my year of circus classes with girl-child a year or 2 ago, let me you that the skills they made look simple are far from that.  I truly can’t describe the beauty of the show.

After the show we came home to spend the afternoon quietly pottering, the boys playing chess and the girls attempting to be crafting.  They kids were exhausted after a huge weekend for them, so they were happy to go to bed even earlier than anticipated.  

Man-child and I were just settling in to watch the grand final of So You Think You Can Dance (go Talia) when the phone rang.  It was the home phone so that meant that it was either someone selling something or his family, either way I wasn’t going to answer the phone.  He can’t sit there and listen to a phone ring, so he answered it.  It was his sister calling to tell us that his dad had died.

So here I am, sitting at home, feeling kind of deflated.  Not exactly sad, he was not a nice person, but then I feel guilty for not feeling sad.  I am concerned for man-child who is living in turmoil and has to deal with his family.  I feel bad that I am sitting here in comfort enjoying a glass of Chandon and watching dance.

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