All Over the Place but Not Sleeping

10 Apr

There is so much happening now that I can’t get my head around to adequately put into words so I am just going to skip the head filling information, but I don’t want to skip blogging altogether.  I know that once I break the blogging routine, it will be harder and harder to get back into the rhythm of regular posting.  Instead I will just fill this space with guff.

Tonight I am having a quiet night in.  I am sitting on the couch, girl-child is asleep beside me all snuggled up under a blanket and the cat is asleep on my lap.  Boy-child is upstairs with a friend who is having a sleep over, he is asleep and his friend is playing on his DS.  Man-child is outside wii-ing, playing the game not the bodily function.  All in all, everything is actually rather good in my life.  I am contemplating going to bed sometime really soon and hoping that I will get more sleep than last nights lack of sleep.  

Last night it started with me going to bed far later than I anticipated, but it still wasn’t too late.  Man-child was outside reminiscing with an old work mate and looked to be in no hurry to go to bed anytime soon.  I was barely asleep when I was awoken by a retching sound.  I jumped out of bed, not knowing what I was hearing.  The room was dark and I was alone.  The cat was on the floor hacking up a fur-ball and her dinner.  The smell of fishy cat food was overwhelmingly disgusting.  I ran the cat to the bathroom and then set about cleaning up the mess before it stained the carpet and the smell set in.  

Eventually the mess was tidied up and I was able to crawl back into bed.  The cat must have been feeling better and joined me and we both went to sleep.  Again, I was woken by a retching sound.  The cat was back on the bed and hurling again, another fur-ball.  Of course she was on a different part of the floor and the fishy smell was back.  Another early morning carpet cleaning session was had before I could crawl back into bed.  I guess I should be thankful that she retched on teh carpet and not on the bed!

Finally back in bed and almost asleep when man-child stumbles upstairs.  I feigned sleep and soon dozed off.  He however was restless and was talking in his sleep and wandering around randomly.  Before I knew it, the girls were awake.  A quick holler down the stairs reminded them that it too early to get up and they stayed quiet long enough for me to get a little more sleep, but not long enough for me to feel rested.  Add to that being breathed upon for a few hours with beery breath and I have woken with a stinking headache that has lingered all day.

The Sleep Destroyer

The Sleep Destroyer

Despite the surrogate hangover, today has been fun, filled with family, friends and copious amounts of chocolate.  It issomething that I will blog over at superRelish some time soon.

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One response to “All Over the Place but Not Sleeping

  1. Ali

    April 10, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    Sounds most annoying, hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight.


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