The Wrong Day – Part 2

08 Apr

So now that I have worked out that today is actually Tuesday, I settled in to watch in an episode or 2 of NCIS and attempt to sort out the mess that has been hidden under the stairs, and hopefully find some warmer apparel for the monsters to wear.  Well let me say right now, that despite the mess that still covers the lounge room floor, it has been a successful venture.  

I emptied out various bags that have been stashed away out of sight before being emptied.  This included school bags that were filled with random pieces of school work, sultanas, drink bottles and random pieces of uniform as well as bags that have been used as overnight bags, the bag we used when boy-child was in hospital, sports bags and work bags.  I have to admit that it was a dangerous adventure, plunging my hand into the murky depths of a bag that had an unusual aroma wafting from it.  It hasn’t been all bad, well except for the miscellaneous piece of fruit that was beyond recognition, I even managed to find a 4gb SD card, perfume and I had a quick count of the coins that I dragged from the bottom of the bags and it was over $100 – a fantastic find!

As well as the cleaning, I managed to stash away a few dozen baseball caps that aren’t going to be needed over the coming weeks and I also found the winter woolies.  Guess what else I found in amongst the winter woolies, hidden under the scarves and beanies?  The shoes that I mis-filed a while ago!  Now when boy-child is ready to go our running again, he will have some shiny new shoes to wear instead of these.


Ventilated Shoe
Ventilated Shoe

Now to make tonight’s venture entirely successful, I need to put things away but that seems like too much hard work and I am getting tired.  I think that I will shove all the mess back into a box and hide it back under the stairs!

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