The Wrong Day

07 Apr

So it is 8.30pm and I have just sat down to watch some well deserved TV, planning to clean the floors during the ad breaks, as I do most Wednesday nights.  It wasn’t until NCIS came on instead of House that I actually realised that today is actually Tuesday and not Wednesday – OOPS!

As I am a creature of routine, however disorganised and disfunctional this routine may be.  I have postponed the floor washing until its appropriate Wednesday timeslot so tonight the ad breaks during NCIS will be filled with me documenting just how challenged I am when it comes to knowing the days of the week and for a spot of light entertainment, sorting through piles of ‘stuff’ that hasn’t found its way to its appropriate home.  The weather is cooling down, so I will attempt to put away some of the summer hats and shoes and look for more seasonally appropriate attire.  It does require me looking under the stairs, into the depths of mess and mayhem, wish me luck.

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