It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

03 Apr

After a really warm week, it is raining.  Actually, to be more accurate there is an amazing storm with brilliant flashes of lightning and tremendous crashes of thunder (I had actually written thunderous crashes of thunder, but that seemed kind of well, obvious!)  

Anyway, watching boy-child’s reaction to the thunder claps – jumping in fright and snuggling in even closer to me has made me realise that he hasn’t had much exposure to storms.  The few storms that we have had are in the night and as he is such a heavy sleeper, he isn’t disturbed by it and misses the beauty of the storm.  I don’t want him to be afraid of storms so we grabbed a few research books and started investigating.  Yes I know we could have Googled an answer, but I want him to know how to actually use books!  When he was finally satisfied with a real answer (lightning is electricity that is moving to the ground and as it moves through the air it heats it.  The thunder is really the sound of the air heating up) we went out into the yard to watch the storm.  

It was too overcast to really see the lightning, but you could see the flashes through the cloud cover and then he would wait, holding his breath for the thunder to come.  Eventually he stopped jumping with every crash and was able to anticipate the sound and smile.  Me, I loved sharing the experience with him, smelling the unfamiliar smell of the rain on the wooden decking, watching the rain splash as it hit the deck.  

It saddens me to think that our children are ‘weather deprived’.  They know hot weather, very hot weather, and then cold weather, with very variation, yet the country goes from one extreme to another, from bushfire to flood.  

I remember that girl-child was about 3 before she ever really experienced real rain.  She had such a fantastic time dancing around getting soaked to the bone.


It was almost worth the wait just for her enjoyment!

I have fond memories of storms as a kid, either sitting on the front verandah watching the lightning, or with Lil Bro daring each other to jump on the trampoline during the storm.  If there was a storm at night, I remember peering out through the windows in the darkness, watching for the flash of lightning and counting the seconds until the thunder sounded, then trying to guess where the storm really was.  Listening to the drumming of the rain on the corrugated iron roof of the house, and the smell of the rain, I love the smell of the rain.  

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One response to “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

  1. Kay

    April 4, 2009 at 6:21 am

    It is odd to think about the fact that we all exp weather so differently based on our locations. I have spent my entire life in CA and I know this weather… wonder how I would do if I went three years without rain.

    My head might just explode.

    Oh… and that video is Priceless!


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