Medical Update

30 Mar

This could have been an add on to the last post but I had already hit ‘new post’ and so here it is, a new post.

So, Lil Sis can’t have surgery until next year some time, well after her ‘secret is out’, but it isn’t required urgently and may not actually work, so there is no point rushing it anyway.  Mum is out of surgery and it looks like all went well.  She is resting comfortably and I will get a phone update tomorrow.

On the home front, girl-child didn’t want to go to school without her brother, she wanted to stay home and play.  I guess I can understand her thinking, the boy-child had a good day, watching new movies and wii sport training.  He had a decent day, but it got ugly around bed time.  He didn’t want to have to take his tshirt off for a bath – clearly he didn’t get the concept that his tshirt was as dirty as he was and needed cleaning too.  We negotiated and he convinced me that he would have a bath, but put clothes on so that he doesn’t have to get his oversized plastered arm in and out of a tshirt again in the morning.  I really couldn’t argue with that logic.  It reminded me that I had to go through the too big clothes to see if there was something that would go over his arm without causing tears.

Once he was settled into bed it was time for meds – one for pain relief (we save the kick arse one for bed time) and also antibiotics.  He hates them both, so I let him choose which one he wanted first.  Well that was my stupid mistake – HE NEEDED THINKING MUSIC TO HELP HIM CHOOSE!

Of course the trauma of settling him into bed, getting him back up, settling him back into bed, finding the required number of pillows and strategically placing them appropriately has driven me insane.  I need cheesecake and comedy, A LOT OF CHEESECAKE!


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2 responses to “Medical Update

  1. Ali

    March 31, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    Poor you. Your poor baby. Caring for sick people is arse, though. Mmmm, cheesecake.

  2. Peggy

    April 1, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Awww….thanks for stopping by my place when you seem to have so much on your plate as it is!

    I prefer brownies to cheesecake and recently saw Run Fat Boy Run which was hilarious….if you were looking for suggestions! 🙂

    Hope your little guy feels better soon!!


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