Medical Madness

30 Mar

I like to think that I lead a life with little medical intervention.  I like to think I know the limitations of my body and work within its capabilities.  I visit the osteopath occasionally and that seems to cover most of my minor ailments.  I can’t take many antibiotics, so going to a doctor when I have a cold or flu like illness is pointless.  OK, if the truth is to be told, I don’t really like going to the doctor personally.  Fortunately I and most of those near and dear to me are generally healthy and don’t often need medical help.  All of that went out of the window a week ago.  

It all started with man-child’s early morning ambulance visit, was followed by him having numerous tests to check his total health.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been back for the results – the appointment was to be when boy-child was in hospital recovering from surgery to his badly broken elbow.  Boy-child is now home from hospital, and also home from school and we have just dropped my sister to the surgeon to discuss the possibility of upcoming surgery and as we speak, my mum is having bones removed from her feet to hopefully alleviate some of the pain she suffers through arthritis and a few other issues.  

I am really over medical intervention in my life, yet it looks like it will be a part of it for the immediate future at least, with multiple visits to the fracture clinic and to orthopedic surgeons with boy-child to ensure his arm continues to heal and that he regains full use of it again some time soon.  

And just to make the medical madness continue, I spent the morning at my Lis Sis’s house preparing the spare bedroom for painting as well as doing a little painting while boy-child relaxed watching movies.  Do you know what I wore as I worked?  An old pair of scrubs!

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