Lost in Space or some other logical location

25 Mar

You really think that by now I would have worked out that when I think to myself “I will just put object A here, in a really obvious and logical location so that I can find it easily” means that object A has vanished from the face of the earth.  Case in point.  Recently (perhaps even as recently as last week) whilst cleaning the Harry Potter room, the storage space under the stairs I found a pair of sports shoes that I bought for boy-child many moons ago.  There was a buy one get one for half price deal, so I used logic and purchased the next size up.  They were then stored under the stairs with a myriad of crap useful treasures and a few cases of wine.  Knowing that his current shoe is almost worn out, I thought to myself I will just put his shoes HERE, so I know where they are.  Well guess what?  I have no freakin’ idea where they are.  Cursory glances through the cupboard under the stairs have revealed nothing other than my desire to sit and have a glass of wine, his bedroom is a lost cause, the coat cupboard perhaps.  

Unfortunately the shoes won’t find themselves and I have an hour left before I have to do the school pickup and take him to his tennis lesson.  Now having shoes that actually kept is foot enclosed and not poking out the holes in the toes would be ideal, but as he hasn’t complained about the additional ventilation I may get away with not finding them just yet.  I must at least try to look for them.  

As I search random locations, I will leave you with other useful things I have managed to learn today.

  1. Work, of the paying variety, just doesn’t stop even on a non work day.  The non paying variety is endless.
  2. Trying to diet eat right is really hard to do when you are procrastinating from being domestic or trying to search for lost items.
  3. The cat really doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner (neither do I).
  4. Beados and Lego are 2 toys that fit far too easily in the hungry mouth of the vacuum.
  5. Vacuum cleaners aren’t designed to bounce down stairs, surprisingly they still work despite making interesting thudding and clicking sounds.
  6. Being lazy and using the vacuum to pick up a roll of ribbon is not the smartest thing to do, unless of course you want said ribbon to end up inside the vacuum.
  7. Toe nails are disgusting – particularly peeled off men’s toenails that are caught in the carpet beside the bed.  EEEWW!
  8. I now have a list of just a few of the reasons why I despise vacuuming so much!

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2 responses to “Lost in Space or some other logical location

  1. Ali

    March 26, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    I do this. ALL. THE. TIME. I am incapable of recognising my own stupidity and just leaving it where I find it in the first place. Hope you find them soon.


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