18 Mar

I should really go to bed, sleep is good but as strange as it sounds I am procrastinating.  It is bin night.  I really don’t want to put the bins out and man-child isn’t back from basketball to remind him to do it, so instead I sit here wasting time so that I can remind him to put the bins out tonight.

I could get organised and pre-make tomorrows lunches but that involves going to the market to get more fruit.  You see, boy-child wanted to make something special for dinner.  He hinted at take out, but when that idea was squashed, he declared that he wanted fruit salad and yoghurt instead.  We compromised and had bean boats for dinner and fruit salad and yoghurt for dessert.  He chopped up most of the fruit for the dessert and as a result we have no more fruit for lunch.

His dessert, that he shared with his sister comprised of 3 bananas, 3 peaches, half a rockmelon, half a pineapple, some grapes and an apple with a tub of yoghurt.  This is of course on top of the banana, grapes, tomatoes, peach and nectarine they had in their school lunch and the extra rice crackers, icypole and bananas they ate as an after school snack.  They managed to eat almost all of the dessert fruit and then proceeded to snack on the Thai food that fairy god mother had brought over to share (with me and not the ravenous monsters).  

My children, boy-child in particular, are bottomless pits.  I fear the days when I have to feed teenagers and not kids – I will need to get a second job to support their fruit habit!


edited to add – in the time that I have been procrastinating by typing this, man-child had returned home, changed, grabbed a few beers and headed out again.  He did stop to briefly discuss the game (they won) and I interrupted with a ‘can you put the bins out please dear?’ type statement or two.  Somehow he was distracted on the way to put the bins out as he had to walk past the beer fridge.  Beer was selected and the original reason for being in the room was forgotten.  I wonder if he will remember to put them out when he returns?  I will leave the lights on out the back to remind him but somehow I imagine I will be racing home from running in the morning in order to put the bins out before the garbage trucks go by.


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2 responses to “Procrastinating

  1. Peggy

    March 19, 2009 at 10:34 am

    Well, hi! Thanks for stopping by my place!

    I hope you get to bed soon! (And I hope those bins make it out too!)

    My kids are fruit monsters too! I guess it’s a good thing but it does get expensive!

    Have a good one!

  2. FFG

    March 19, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    Oh men….kids & men are enough to drive us all crazy.


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