Annoyed Again

18 Mar

I didn’t want to use this time and space to vent – AGAIN, and I have been trying really hard all day to not bitch and moan, but some things just need to be bitched about it.  I have a feeling that unless I unload, I am just going to send myself even more insane.  Feel free to skip the rest of this post it will be all annoyance based.

Where to start?  A few weeks ago, man-child was interstate for work and I had to start work early.  It was going to be too early to drop the kids at school and they aren’t registered for before school care so a neighbour offered to walk the kids to school.  It sounded like a fantastic plan, but it didn’t work.  To cut a long story short, he was also held up interstate and there was a schamozzle trying to work out the logistics of getting the kids to school and me to work on time.  I was really pissed about it, and wrote about it at the time.  

So fast forward a few weeks, to today and we are in the same situation.  Man-child had to fly interstate early this morning, on the only morning that I am actually required to be at work on time.  As it is normally man-child’s day for school drop off, he organised the drop-off so that I could get to work on time.  Apparently he spoke to the same neighbour who was going to be available, had no planned trips interstate and was going to be around for the entire week.  He also had a contingency in case that plan fell through.  

So this morning, we were all dressed and ready to go.  The time of departure was imminent and still no neighbour.  I sent him a message with fingers crossed hoping that he was on the way but there was no response.  Instead I had to call work and in my most professional voice say that I would be late without cursing too loudly.  Then I had to sit around and wait until it was time to take the kids to school – it was too early to leave them there unattended, but too late to organise to take them to a friends house to travel together.  Sitting there twiddling my thumbs made my more pissed off, but pissed off at myself for not getting my shit together.  I could have confirmed or double checked the arrangements, I could have organised the drop off myself with someone I know to be reliable, I could have knocked on his door early this morning to wake him, I could have done so many things differently so that I wouldn’t be  dumping the kids at the school gate and still be running late for work – argh!

In the neighbours defense, we didn’t call last night to confirm that he was ‘still available’, assuming that after the last mix up he would call if plans changed, I know that I would have in his situation.  Personally I didn’t want to call as I wanted to show that I had faith in his ability to commit, stupid I know, but it seemed reasonable at the time.  

Two hours after the initial message to the neighbour I had a call from him saying he didn’t realise that we needed his help this morning and he had only just woken up (possibly as a result of a call from man-child?).  There were a few excuses about a phone not working, things happening and being busy but no actual ‘Sorry I couldn’t help’ or ‘I hope things worked out’.  It bugged me that he somehow made me feel bad for imposing and saying that he hadn’t actually said he would take the kids to school, merely that he could take them.  

What have I learned from today?  ‘Being available’, even if you confirm this status to a number of people (namely man-child and myself) on more than one occasion, doesn’t actually mean that you are agreeing to do something only that you could do it if the planets were in the correct alignment.  More importantly, if you want something done properly, do it yourself!

OK, now that that is said and done, it is time to LET IT GO ALREADY and go to bed.


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3 responses to “Annoyed Again

  1. FFG

    March 19, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    That is quite annoying! I feel for you.

  2. Ali

    March 19, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    That sucks. I remember how hard it was with two kids and work and everything. Poor you.

  3. Ashlea

    March 19, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    That sucks!

    I hate it when people get all techinical with wording and what they actually said.

    If he said he could take them… that should mean that he is saying yes to the job of taking them to school.

    I feel your anger. It seems to be one of thoses weeks. I had a good ol’ bitch on my blog, and it really does help.

    I hope you weekend is fabulous!


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