Distracted from Sleep

17 Mar

Tonight boy-child suggested that man-child sit outside in the garage and play wii to relax.  Now one might think that that was a kind and thoughtful suggestion coming from a 7 year old, but he had an alternative motive.  He wanted man-child to sit in the garage and play wii so that he could watch the game from his bedroom window.  Fortunately for him, man-child was happy to oblige and out he went to play.  When man-child came back in, he saw boy-child asleep, wrapped in his quilt, leaning over the toy box with his forehead pressed up against the window.  No doubt there was a smile on his face as he fell asleep, he is sure to have sweet dreams tonight!

Girl-child on the other hand sleeps at the front of the house, she couldn’t see the wii game being played, but she was able to hear boy-child cheer and offer advice on how to play the game!  Since the cheering was keeping her awake, she decided that perhaps she could play a game too.  When I went to check on her, she was sitting up in bed with a tiny notebook in one hand and a pen (I think) in the other.  Now naturally I assumed that she was drawing pictures, a common past-time, but that would be far too logical.  In actual fact she was playing DS.  She had drawn a series of buttons on the pad and was furiously tapping away.  What the F%^#! – I don’t think that she has ever even played a DS!

Do you think that this is a sign that the kids, not just my kids but kids in general (around here at least) have way too many digital, online, gaming experiences?  

In a completely non-digital experience, the kids fairy god mother gave them both new books tonight.  The looks of excitement when they saw them were beautiful – they genuinely love getting and reading (or in girl-child’s case – looking through) books.  They devoured a number of books with their fairy god mother this evening as I spent ages combing the knots out of freshly washed hair.  It was perfect timing, the monsters desperately needed to have their hair washed as a result of yesterdays hair spraying fundraiser and I hate sending the kids to bed with wet tangled hair.  It gave me time to de-tangle girl-child’s hair and braid it ready for tomorrow.  

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One response to “Distracted from Sleep

  1. Ellen

    March 18, 2009 at 11:11 am

    The reading thing was a delight. I just knew what AJ’s face would be when I gave him that book… he didn’t disappoint! I know I can’t compete with Wii but I also know that the books will ultimately outlast the games!!!


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