Overly Emotional pt 2

16 Mar

So the sudden urge to cry continues and this time whilst reading, again in unexpected circumstances…

  1. Girl-child had me finish my profile details in her friend diary, a book that has various entries for friends to fill out, things like personal details, family details and a list of favourite things.  Wen I was finished I flicked through a few of the other entries from friends.  One of her older friends at school has written in her diary about her favourite memory and it simply said ‘my dad’.  I hadn’t realised until now that her friend’s dad died a few years ago, leaving a young wife and 2 primary school aged daughters.  It made me realise just how luck I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.
  2. The kids are both doing the Premiers Reading Challenge and this year I am proud of the fact that we are checking the books off early in the year and not during the last week of the Challenge.  I have the books from the Challenge list on a separate shelf in the study and the kids both choose a few each night to read.  One of the books selected tonight was Whoever You Are by Mem Fox.  If you don’t know the book it tells a story of peace and equality, beautifully written and illustrated explaining that despite outward differences we are all the same inside.  When I struggled to read the book to girl-child and had to get boy-child to finish reading the book to her, I made the executive decision to not read Let’s Get a Pup by Bob Graham.
  3. Just now, googling ‘lets get a pup’ to show just how beautiful the book is, I came upon the first page of the book which says There is a lonely place on the end of Kate’s bed – a place where her cat, Tiger, used to sleep. Tiger died last winter, and since then there have only been Kate’s two feet to keep each other company. But then, one bright summer morning, Kate leaps out of bed, runs to her parents’ room, and says, “Let’s get a pup!”  Again another beautifully written book that is a family favourite.  I know that if I choke up reading the first page, I will lose it by the time I get to the end of the book.  As much as I love the book, I am really glad that I gave it a miss tonight.  

Hopefully a good sleep tonight will ensure I am not an emotional wreck tomorrow at work, if not it will be an interesting day!

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One response to “Overly Emotional pt 2

  1. Kay

    March 17, 2009 at 2:01 am

    Those books sound great! I al always on the lookout for little Baby O! Thanks for the tips!

    (Baby O is my neice)


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