Still Slow

15 Mar

Well today was another very slow day. I slept until 8 and was still tired.  Instead of getting up, I stayed in bed watching Doll House.  I think I love it, I just wish it was on TV here so I could watch it properly.  Part way through the second episode the kids decided to come upstairs to say Hi!  They were both dressed and ready for the day having already eaten breakfast so I felt obligated to get up.  I was still tired, but fortunately not grumpy.  

I did manage to get out of the house and to the Stitches and Craft show before falling asleep again.  I am glad that I made the effort, it was fantastic.  Probably not the best place to take a 5 year old, but still fantastic.  I saw so many amazing pieces and products and wished that I had the time or energy to do some creative work.  I think that being creative will be something to add to my to-do list but making a to-do list should be at the top of such a list.  

Another item on my to-do list, right up there near the top is to get back into shape.  I have a post started about getting into shape but haven’t had the motivation to even finish it, let alone actually start.  I have downloaded a ‘couch to 5 km’ running program for my iPhone so that is a start.  Currently I attempt to run a few times a week and get bored and distracted and end up walking after about a kilometer.  I am registered to do a do a fun run in a few weeks, but I don’t think there will be much running at this stage.  I could start the running program in the morning, but I don’t think that I will.  I also have an exercise DVD that I ordered a few weeks ago and still haven’t taken from the packaging, that is more likely to get used, but again no promises.  

Another weight loss, get back into shape option is diet shakes.  I have never tried them in the past wanting thinking that they won’t actually change my eating habits but make me lazier.  No doubt I will have the shake and then snack on left overs, not because I am hungry but because they are there.  That and they are bloody expensive and I am too tight to waste money on something that is not likely to work long term.  That was until I went to visit my sister and she had a pile of them just sitting there.  She can’t use them ‘in her condition’ so she kindly donated them to me.  Since they are free, perhaps I will give them a try, if only to distract me from eating chocolate.  I haven’t actually read the packaging yet, so I don’t really know what is involved.  

So three different options to help me on the way to making a change in my life, which one to try tomorrow.  Who knows.  I’m not actually working, so I will have some time to procrastinate.  Now to look at making a to-do list…

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