Domestic Goddess Wanted

09 Mar

This long weekend has reminded me that I am no domestic Godess.  I try to be tidy and organised but it just doesn’t seem to pay off for me the way that I planned or hoped for.  I didn’t have much on this weekend’s to-do list, but I really did want to sort out the Wii Room aka the garage.  I decided that the room was too small for the wii to be played safely in its current configuration when girl-child was hit in the head with a wii remote during a game of baseball.

The garage is divided into two parts, the part that is home to the wii and a host of kids toys, water toys and spare towels and swim wear for the hot tub.  This part is visible from the house and therefore is required to sometimes reflect a space that is suitable for human habitation.  The other area houses the ‘beer fridge’, the bins and has been a repository for all things that don’t belong in the house as well as all of the usual stuff that belongs in a garage – tools, bikes, tins of paint and all the things that don’t belong there, an old outdoor setting, giant yucca stumps that require re-housing, furniture that we no longer have a use for and jogging strollers (yes that is the plural of stroller) that need new owners at some stage.   It was at the stage of congestion that you couldn’t even get to the bins to put the rubbish out.   A major clean out was overdue.

I started with the easy part, the wii room.  I rearranged all of the furniture to make more space and declared that the bar had to go.  Before I could get rid of it, I had to re-home all of the things that were hidden within it.  There were a few boxes stored there and I didn’t know what was inside them.  It was almost like Christmas, opening boxes full of anticipation for finding lost treasures.  I opened the box and found it contained an entire load of washing that I had done many moons ago and kept with the grand dreams of trying to restore the clothes to their former glory.  

You see the load was all white clothing and was actually full of barely worn clothes, including 2 of man-child’s french cuff shirts that he had worn only once, new school shirts, my favourite casual pants as well as random tops and tshirts.  I distinctly remember reading the care lables on the new shirts, not wanting to damage them in their first laundering knowing that they were actually expensive and beautifully made.  I remembered seeing that they were both suitable for machine washing and for tumble drying, so in they went.  

Once the was was complete, before I threw them into the dryer I re-checked the lables to be doubly sure that they could be tumble dried.  An hour or so later, when the load was dry I was feeling proud of my achievements,  that was until I opened the dryer and was confronted by this…


Lipstick on my Collar

Lipstick on my Collar, and everything else!

I almost cried as I dragged item after item of clothing from the dryer finding them all covered in deep pink blotches.  When I emptied the dryer of clothing I found a stray tube of lipstick!  Apparently a game of Hide the Lipstick is a fun game to play and really why wouldn’t you hide lipstick in the dryer?  

I tried everything I could to remove the stains but nothing worked.  Most suggestions included attempting to remove the stain before it sets NOT AFTER IT HAS BEEN MELTED INTO THE ITEM AND BAKED!  Nothing worked.  It was time to say goodbye – the entire load made its way into the bin.

At least with the box of clothes gone, there was less ‘stuff’ that needed re-housing or cleaning up!  The back of the garage was cleaned today.  Fingers crossed the mess will stay away for a few weeks at least.  


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2 responses to “Domestic Goddess Wanted

  1. Kay

    March 10, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Oh cool… have fun cleaning your house.. and then swing on over here and help me do mine 😛

  2. Ali

    March 11, 2009 at 12:52 am

    Oh my god, I can’t believe that. I would have been pretty feisty about that. I think you’ve handled it quite calmly!


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