08 Mar

I tried to not dwell, but even hours later it is still bugging me.  As a result I will bitch about it here and then hopefully move on.  

People suck, sure not all people but enough people to make me annoyed, especially when it is people who you think are friends and that you are important in each others lives for one reason or another.  You see it all starts with making plans Friday night for our family to meet up with girl-childs BFF’s family to go to a Family Fun Day in Footscray together.  I reminded them that the Fun Day was on, knowing that BFF and her sister would be very disappointed if they didn’t get to go – it was a day to support their favourite football team.  The plans were loose, as in ‘we will give you a buzz as we are on our way and we will meet up there’.

So this morning we pottered about for a bit in no rush to go the the Fun Day too early, thinking that it is Sunday let’s all just relax a bit first.  When it got to 11, as we were about to go to the Fun Day man-child called the family to say we were about to leave and make plans about where to meet.  There was no answer at home so he tried their mobile.  Surprise, surprise.  They were at the Fun Day already.  First they were all, ‘Well we didn’t have a definite time to meet’ which was true, but then they tried to fix it and contradict themselves by saying ‘we sent you a text to say we were already here’.  OK people, know that saying you have sent a text doesn’t work as a suitable excuse, because there is no text.  I know the plans weren’t set in stone, but if you don’t want our daughters to spend time together, don’t make the plans. 

OK, time to move on now.  It was actually a pretty good day and we managed to find girl-child’s BFF amongst the crowd, but that was after we had had a good look around and won a few prizes.  It was also after girl-child was hit to the head with a football flying with enough force to knock her to the ground, but that is a rant for another day, when I am irked not just by people in general but by ‘young people these days’!

It is done, all said and if I repeat it often enough I will believe I am over it.  The day is getting better, friends (real friends) are going to come over for a barbeque and to watch So You Think You Can Dance.

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