Almost Grumpy

04 Mar

It has been a long few weeks with work.  I have worked 13 of the past 15 days or something equally as ridiculous, as well as doing all of the usual after school activity coordination and domestic joys.  Just to make life a little more user friendly, throw into the mix that I am single parenting this week.  As you can imagine, I am way beyond exhausted and hovering over the abyss of gumpy and horrible.  

Luckily I only have one more day of work, today, before I get to have 4 whole days off.  I can’t wait.  All I have to get through is today and that is where my struggle starts.  I have to start extra early today, so a neighbour has offered to take the kids to school for me.  I called last night, just to confirm that he was available and found that he has been stranded interstate.  I get that things change that are out of a person’s control and walking someone else’s kids to school isn’t high on the list of priorities, but common sense in my world dictates if you can not fulfill an obligation, you should at least notify the people affected so they can make alternate arrangements.  

It was getting late when I found out that my contingency plan for this morning wasn’t going to work and I had to change my plans.  Fortunately the kids are able to walk to school with friends who live nearby and I can drop them there on my way to work.  

I wonder if I hadn’t been pro-active in confirming my neighbours availability this morning would he have remembered to tell me at all, or would I be sitting here this morning waiting?  

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One response to “Almost Grumpy

  1. Kay

    March 5, 2009 at 4:31 am

    Enjoy that break! You deserve it!

    And people can be rude sometimes… it is always worth a thought though for the future…. trust is hard fought, hard won, and easy to loose.


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