Venting Ahead

28 Feb

I am tired and grumpy and need to vent.  Skip the rest of this if you don’t want to listen to me bitch.


Today is Saturday, a day of fun and frivolity, not a day of work.  It is a day that should be spent relaxing and enjoying the company of those around you, and hopefully those around you are family or friends.  So that is what a Saturday should be, now if you can find the complete opposite of all of that, you would be close to my day.  I worked today.  I don’t normally work of a weekend, but due to some unusual circumstances, I worked both last Saturday AND today, as well as most of the days in between.  Not bad for someone that is part time and should only work 2 1/2 days a week!

Anyway, today started at 5.30am, to be at work and working by 6.  The work itself wasn’t hard and the company was actually pretty good, but it was a long day, draining and at times emotional.  By the time I got home from work it was almost 5, all I really wanted to do was curl up with the kids and relax.  Boy-child was playing wii (just for something totally unexpected) and girl-child was relaxing on the couch watching TV.  I was concerned about what she was watching – a documentary of sorts showing a person with a major crush injury, covered in blood as the medics were discussing where they should amputate.  Thinking that it wasn’t the most appropriate show for her to watch, and imagining the nightmares that were headed her way, I put a movie on for her.

Surprisingly, I did relax for a little while, both kids seemed tired and snuggled on the couch to watch Nim’s Island.  Part way through the movie, we hollered for the bbq fairy, aka man-child to cook some dinner as I chopped up some vegies.

A hot tub after dinner was another brief opportunity to almost relax.  Man-child didn’t join us – he has heaps of work to do for a major presentation in Sydney next week and will be flying there on Monday.  I tried to convince the kids to go straight upstairs to get ready for bed, but they declared they were still hungry.  They stood around man-child, eating baked beans and yoghurt (not together) and watching him play a game on the laptop.  So glad that he was too busy to have a hot tub yet he chose to spend time playing instead of working!  

I think he picked up on the fact that I was heading towards being shitty, so he did put the kids to bed and I only heard one bout of tears.  Of course as this was occurring, I was cleaning up the dinner mess, as well as the lunch mess and even some mess from last nights dinner/late night drunken snacks that weren’t mine – YAY for me!  There was mess everywhere and I am totally over it.  I thought about leaving it there, but then I would only wake to it tomorrow, or the next day, so I continued to clean the mess and put things away.  

I wanted to clean the floors, there are patches that you can actually stick to that needs cleaning before sweeping and mopping.  To do a decent job of the floors requires putting the chairs up on the table which can’t be done when someone is pretending to work at said table.  Upstairs needs vacuuming too, but that is a little more difficult once the kids are asleep, besides I despise vacuuming.

Now I probably would express my pissed-offedness at the whole ‘house is a bomb-site’ debacle, but I am really too tired to make an issue of it in any coherent fashion, besides man-child has to get his work done at some time, now is as good a time to start as any and he will get more done if he isn’t pissed of at me again.  Chances are he will actually read this during his many bouts of  procrastination tonight, so no doubt he will end up pissed off anyway.  Just in case he does read this, here are a few more things more that irked me about today’s mess, most of which was created on another day – taking yesterday’s dishes from the sink and putting them into the dishwasher, picking up random envelopes and mail wrappers and putting them into the bin because it is oh so hard to rip open an envelope and put the rubbish into the bin.  Oh yeah, putting clothes away is helpful, only if they are put in the right room, I know that asking for them to be put into the right cupboard would be way to much pressure, but feel free to try.

ARGH, how can someone I love so much annoy the be-joingers out of me?  Enough whining already.  I am going to stop now.  I need sleep and I am feeling better having vented.  Tomorrow is going to be a great day, even if I am working AGAIN, we are going to the neighbours house for dinner.



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