Making Mac

26 Feb

 I ranted about it yesterday, how I feel like I should get everything ready for the day even though I know that man-child is capable of getting himself and the kids organised.  I mean if the kids are starving and there is no food in the house, they can all go for a walk around to the shop to get something easy to have for dinner, or they could look in the fridge for one of the many containers of leftovers.  

The ‘in-case-of-starvation-emergency’ theory is sound, in fact last week when I was away for dinner, they had one of those emergency journeys to the shop .  The kids were hungry and wanted mac and cheese, so it seemed like a great idea.  They found some nuke-able just-add-water meals and headed back home.  It sounded simple, except for the part that said ADD WATER.  Did you know that it is possible to actually burn microwaveable mac and cheese?  Well it is, and it stinks, for days and days and days.  

Anyway, I digress.  In my preparations to make today as simple as possible for the rest of the family, I made some mac and cheese and as I made it gave man-child a simple lesson in how to make it so that he could make a simple kid friendly dinner at some stage in the future if he needed to.  As we had all just eaten dinner, I packed the mac into a clear plastic container and put it into the fridge, right in the front, ready for dinner.

That brings me to today.  I left the house in the dark at 5.45am, working from 6am until 7pm, arriving back home around 7.30.   I stumbled through the door just in time to say goodnight to the monsters.  I noticed that the pasta cooker was still sitting on the kitchen bench.  I was astounded that they ate so much mac that they had to cook more, so I asked why there was pasta out.  Man-child was quite proud of his achievements when he said that he made mac for dinner, following the instructions I told him.  I couldn’t resist, I had to ask him when I told him how to make mac.  He was really pissed when I reminded him that I showed him how to make mac yesterday, so that they would have something for dinner today!

It all went downhill from there.  I was tired and grumpy, and annoyed that I had tried to make life easier for everyone and it was not appreciated.  He was shitty as hell because even when he tries, he manages to screw something up.  It was such a warm and inviting welcome home from work.  If I wasn’t so tired I would probably bitch about my day even more, but sleep beckons. 

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One response to “Making Mac

  1. Ali

    February 27, 2009 at 1:10 am

    I laughed at the mac and cheese burning thing. How is that even possible??
    Oh I hate those times, when you just seem to come at each other from the wrong angle. Mine has gradually improved over the years so that he can cook a quite a bit now but there are still many things that just will not get done without me. Oh well.


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