Step Back?

25 Feb

Why can’t I just take a step back.  I have committed to work an extra 2 full days work this week, as well as attending meetings today during my ‘day off’.  I am only supposed to work (read: I get paid for) 22 hours of work a week, therefore I should only work 3 days a week, yet this week I am working 6.  OK, I will get paid for some of those extra hours, and it is a result of extraordinary circumstances, but sometimes having some down time would be nice.  

So I am working tomorrow, starting at 5.55 IN THE MORNING when it is still dark and am not likely to finish until after 7 at night as it starts to get dark.  I should be using this time to sleep, but instead I am getting ready for tomorrow.  I’m not getting myself ready for tomorrow, I am instead obviously blogging, but I am also getting everyone else ready for tomorrow.  I have listened to the kids do their home readers and put safely into their school bags, along with their hats and re-filled drink bottles.  I have partly made the school lunches, all except the bits that will go soggy and disgusting.  I even made dinner for tomorrow night, despite not actually being home in time for dinner.  I have pre-warned the kids that I won’t be around in the morning and let them know who will be collecting them from school in the afternoon.  I have tucked them into bed tonight and given them a cuddle-kiss for tonight and another for tomorrow night.

I am trying really hard not to do everything that is required for the day to run smoothly, but I know that the more that is prepared, the easier it will be for everyone, and hopefully there will be no arguments or tears.  I am sure that man-child is perfectly capable of getting everything and everyone organised, but I will be able to relax a little at work knowing that I have helped out.  

OK, so it is apparent that I am a control freak and that I am my own worst enemy.  How will the rest of the family learn to work together to get everything done without melt downs, but I just can’t step away.  All that being said, I know the more I do today, the less I will have to do tomorrow, or the day after if last weekend is anything to go by.  

Oh well, there is a little mess still around, no doubt it will still be there in a day or two, who knows?  I’m off to bed for a few hours.  Good night.

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