Harry’s Take Over

18 Feb

Harry Potter is slowly taking over my world.  

I really didn’t think that I would let the monsters watch the movies, but when the boy-child was at a friend’s house after school one afternoon (when he was in prep), he watched part of the movie.  It wasn’t much, but it was enough for him to be hooked.  Instead of having him watch all of the movie unsupervised at some one else’s house we decided to bite the bullet and watch the movies with him.  We thought that it would be better if we could discuss what was happening in the movie as they saw it rather than wait until later when the nightmares began and we were expecting nightmares, Sleeping Beauty was a cause for nightmares for some time in our house.  

Well it worked, there were no Harry Potter induced nightmares, but there were many many dreams of being Harry Potter and wishes that Hogwart’s was a school that they could go to.  Not only would the monsters, boy-child in particular, watch the movie over and over and over if given the chance, but they would play Harry Potter make believe games.  Sticks in the park became wands instead of swords or guns.  When boy-child fell face first off the top bunk and into a pile of lego bricks, the only thing that would console him was the fact that he could have a scar on his forehead, just like Harry.

Now not only does Harry impact on the movie choices or the make believe games that the monsters play, Harry Potter is now becoming part of conversation.  These are a couple of the statements that I have overheard in the past week.

Boy-child trying to tell girl-child to cut the paper smaller, “You have to cut it to SLYTHEREENS!” (part Slytherin, part smithereens)

When discussing where a friend teaches, “Oh she is in ASCO-VAN (a combination of Ascot Vale and Azkaban), but don’t worry, there are no dementors there!”


I wonder what Harry-ism will be next?


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2 responses to “Harry’s Take Over

  1. Kay

    February 19, 2009 at 7:35 am

    Have you read the books?

    I was a HP holdout for a long long time… but even stodgey old me enjoyed them eventually.


  2. Ali

    February 19, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Ah, we’ve been through it with the 13yo boy, I sooooo hope that the 3yo doesn’t decide to get obsessed. I think your boy is very creative with his Potterisms!


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