Mondayitis – the Back to School Edition

02 Feb

So it is the first day back at school for boy-child and he doesn’t want to go. He slept in an hour longer than every other day of the holidays, then refused to get out of bed. He doesn’t want to see his friends – he will only get to play with them 3 times in the whole day, as opposed to not seeing them at all during the holidays!  I think he is concerned about not knowing or remembering who is in his class.

The anxieties are building for all of us.  He doesn’t want to go, girl-child is becoming more anxious about starting tomorrow and I am concerned that I will start the school year grumpy.  

So now he is saying he will only got to school if he can take 2 toys, one for him and one for a ‘new’ friend. I guess if bribery works for me it should work for him too.

He is still slowly eating breakfast, in his pyjamas and we need to leave the house in 15 minutes. Stay calm… aaaarrrggh! Wish me luck.


Edited to add:  So we made it to school with enough time for boy-child to catch up with friends and have a play before class began.  As he was standing in his class line I began to appreciate his apprehension, I didn’t recognise any other boys in line!

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