A Birthday Weekend of Weather Reports

01 Feb

Well we have had 3 days of birthday celebrations in excessive heat.  I know I have mentioned it over and over and over again, but we are in the heat wave of a century. This is the heat wave and how it has affected me and my family

  • OK, so the excessive temperatures are obvious, but there has been no breeze to cool things down.  Without air conditioning that works, the kids have been sleeping on the sofa in our room under the only air conditioning vent that works.  Fortunately the room is large enough to fit us all.  However as the air con doesn’t really cool our area of the room, we have been sleeping with ice packs in our pillow cases to cool us down enough to sleep.
  • Stifling heat lifts out the smell of stale cat urine – HOORAY!
  • Random power shortages sometimes have beneficial side effects – if there is no power to allow the use of a computer at work, I can’t do any work!  (OK, so I did have my laptop there, but that is not the point, going home is much better!)  The down side, not knowing how long the power will be down, should we fill the esky with ice just in case or ride it out?  Do I try and conserve battery power on the laptop?  Hmmm, what if it goes on all night, where are the candles?
  • Public transport, what public transport?  If it wasn’t the power shortages that were causing the delays, trains were cancelled because the tracks were buckling in the heat.  Despite dire water shortages, tracks were watered to try and cool them to prevent damages.

These were the issues that had impact on us, the heat hit the whole state hard and some of the major issues are listed in this news article.  Today it was cooler and apparently storms were supposed to hit.  It wasn’t much cooler but it was better, although the humidity picked up today so instead of oppressive heat, it was sticky heat.

But enough about my weather report, despite this we have had a fantastic extended birthday party, beginning with a bacon breakfast and a cake cook-up.  3 cakes were made, the first for the birthday day birthday cake, a second for when extended vance came to visit and boy-child insisted on a gluten free cake for me too (isn’t he just adorable).  OK, so I said it was time to shut-up already about the weather, but it is mighty hot cooking during a heat wave.  Once the oven was turned off, it was time to hit the swimming pool, along with about a half of the city.  It was packed, but the bonus with a packed pool is that heaps of the kids friends were there so they had a great time.

In typical superRelish birthday tradition, the person celebrating their birthday gets to choose dinner.  So it was off to a local kid-friendly restaurant.  Even though I knew the kids meals were likely to be little more than chips, I thought that this was a much better option than last year’s birthday request – broccoli and pumpkin!  The birthday day was completed with cake at home.

The weekend followed in similar fashion, overeating and having fun with family and friends.  I am sure I could write more about the weather and the food that I ate, but no, So You Think You Can Dance is back – HOORAY!

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