The Down Side

27 Jan

So the down-side of a great day of fun in the sun and a few too many drinks? One would expect a ripper of a hang over, but no, for me it was the crappy night’s sleep, sharing a bed with a chainsaw. After an hour or so of kicking at the immovable noisy log I gave up and moved to the sofa bed in the study area. I could still hear the snores, but it was a dull rumble. Instead I could hear the noise of all the party-goers on their way back from the Big Day Out (one of the few down sides to living in this area). Although loud and annoying, it was far more entertaining.

Eventually, in the wee hours of the morning after trying to numb my brain with endless games of Loop of Zen I drifted of to sleep. Thankfully the sofa bed is really comfortable and despite a short sleep, it was wonderful.

Today it is predicted that it will be insanely hot. I think I will do a few hours work from home and try to keep the monsters from killing each other calm and cool. I see more hours of Harry Potter and High School Musical heading my way.

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