Happy Days

26 Jan

Today is Australia day, a day that celebrates the arrival of white people in Australia a couple of  hundred years ago.  It is a day that is celebrated or protested Australia wide.  Whether you agree or disagree, celebrate or protest, for most it is a day off work.  My opinions of whether Australia Day is a day to celebrate or commiserate aren’t fully formed, so instead of spouting inaccurate political guff, I will instead write about what Australia Day is in my little world.  For me, it is simple, it is a day to spend time with family and friends, celebrating all that is wonderful in this amazing country of ours.  

We began this gloriously sunny day at Windy Hill, home of the Essendon Bombers football team.  Now this isn’t a typical activity for our family as we all support different teams (and the team man-child supports is feral isn’t very supportive of other teams), but it seemed like something fun and new to do.  We were meeting friends there and planned to watch some of the first open training session of the season and hopefully boy-child would get a chance to meet a few players and score a few autographs.  

The day began with a rousing rendition of Advance Australia Fair.  As usual, as the singing began, I choked out the first few words and then a lump formed in my throat and I was holding back the tears.  It doesn’t matter where I am that I hear the anthem, my heart swells and my body fills with pride.  It makes me realise that no matter where ever I am, I am an Aussie and damn proud of it.  I love that we live in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community that welcomes and embraces everyone irrespective of ethnicity or creed, it makes me proud.  

What better way to continue celebrate this amazing country and the people in it than by sharing the day with family and friends relaxing, eating, drinking and listening to music.  

Happy Australia Day


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2 responses to “Happy Days

  1. Kay

    January 27, 2009 at 5:05 am

    Sounds great! Glad you all had a good day!

  2. conanghaudau

    January 27, 2009 at 10:33 am

    happy au day


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