Loop, What Loop?

22 Jan

Today is a work day and I am actually working at work, AND in the office. I dragged my laptop into work knowing that I had to transfer dozens of files that I have been working on at home. Now in a normal workplace, you should be able to work from home or on a personal laptop to negate the need to transfer files but that would be far too logical, my laptop can’t EVER be added to the network, I can’t EVER have remote access, nor can I access my work email externally EVER. I guess that is works way of saying don’t work efficiently EVER!

I am really glad I did bring in my laptop because in my absence, someone has ‘borrowed’ the mouse from my pc, and it is way too cumbersome to try and navigate without it. So here I am wasting more time. Instead of getting all of my work done, I am procrastinating.

For the first time in months, the entire team is in the office. There are so many projects on the go at the moment and most of them are projects that I know next to nothing about, yet everyone assumes that I know what is happening. Hmmm, let me see, how can I know what is happening if you don’t tell me, email me or otherwise let me know? How am I supposed to attend meetings if you don’t invite me? How can I cover for you if I don’t know what I am covering? Essentially I am out of the loop, way out of the loop and it really isn’t fun.

Rumour has it we are having a lunch meeting to try and plan projects and allocate tasks. That should be interesting IF it takes place. In the meantime, I will sit here and continue procrastinating – I can’t get any real work done until another mouse is found. What a total waste of a day, only 4 hours until home time (not that I am counting). I hate sucky work days and I hate complaining and talking in caps, but that seems to be my day today – hooray.

I am so glad I have my laptop here today, at least I can read blogs and surf without an audit trail! I love wi-fi 🙂

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