Dirty Days

22 Jan

Well not only was today a bleh day at work, the weather was atrocious. It was hot again, but not too unbearable, it was the wind that was the killer – hot, dry and very dusty.

When I got home from work and kicked off my shoes, the floor was gritty to walk on. I looked down and saw that I was tracking footprints through the dust. Now this wouldn’t be a completely terrible occurrence but I had only just swept the floors before going to work!

I wanted to just sit down and do nothing but relax after being annoyed at work all day, but I couldn’t. ALL of the furniture was coated in a thick layer of dust. You could actually see bum patches where the kids had sat down on the couch!

We set out to clean up, girl-child wanted to have some mama time so she was ‘helping’. We gave the furniture a wipe over and then I swept the floors. By the time I had finished, more dust had settled on the furniture and needed cleaning again. I couldn’t get it all clean, so we changed our approach – we went upstairs to avoid the dust!

Now that the kids are in bed, I had more quality time with the broom. It has been swept 3 times today and it still look and feels like it hasn’t been cleaned in months. The dust is so fine that the only way it actually is picked up properly is with a wipe – the mop just turns it to mud and smears it elsewhere. For now I am ignoring it and hoping that it will all just disappear, that I will wake tomorrow and the floors will be spotless! Whilst I am making unreasonable wishes, lets hope for a fun and productive workplace too!

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