Hot Summer Days

20 Jan

So on the hottest January day in a long time, over 41 degrees (about 106) in the city with strong gusting winds and almost no humidity, what would be the best possible way to spend the day?  Sitting by the pool, in an air-conditioned cinema, even at work in an office with air-conditioning.  That would be logical right, but no.  Guess where I spent today, running across the countryside with a group of teenagers.

Today I worked at a school holiday program taking part in an Amazing Race.  The day was based on the tv show.  We had 2 teams who had to go through a set of checkpoints, and complete the team challenges there.  The team who made it through the most checkpoints and successfully completed the most challenges would win the Amazing Race.  We spent 4 hours, the hottest hours of the day, running up and down hills, through gorges and splashing through lakes.  It was fantastic, we fished (unsuccessfully), kayak and canoed around the lake, we did fun team building activities and even did some archery whilst walking many kilometers around the camp.


Into the Gorge

Into the Gorge



Everyone had a great time.  The kids actually worked together and helped each other.  It was beautiful watching surly teenagers help each other climb through a rocky gorge.  It wasn’t the perfect day – there were plenty of issues that need to be dealt with before the next day camp next week.

Despite the few issues, oppressive heat and the threat of sunstroke and dehydration, the activity was amazing.  That being said, I am happy to not have to work tomorrow.  

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