Good Luck

19 Jan

Ages ago I wrote about my Lil Sis heading over to the UK to spend time with the man of her dreams.  Well things obviously worked out well and he is now over here for a 3 week holiday, then in 3 months he is packing up his life and moving here, FOREVER.  They clearly mean business and I am so excited for them.

Right about now, they will be arriving at my parents house to meet them!  The poor guy is so nervous.  Before last night I had only met him once and chatted to him a few times online.  We all went out for a casual dinner last night, to get to know each other better.  Despite jetlag and sunburn, he was great to talk too.  Even man-child liked him – an improvement on last meeting when man-child declared him kinda boring.  I thought that he did well during the initial encounter, to cope with meeting us on our turf particularly when our family is kinda loud and obnoxious.

Anyway, last night we kept threatening him that my mum would have him paraded around the town to show everyone!  Typical small town mentality, many people believed that he was a figment of my sister’s imagination or that if he did exist he was only with my sis so that he could gain his residency.  Well boo-hoo to all of them, his residency was granted independently and he is here because he wants to be with my sister.

So anyway, this is to wish them both good luck.  And seeing that he will be a regular fixture in my life, I think that it is time that he has a blog name.  Lil’ Sis’s Boy (LSB) is too long to type, UK Boy could work, BIL could be to anticipatory so perhaps it will be just Pommy?  Not to sure, but I am sure something will stick.

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