Not Sleeping

17 Jan

So after writing that last post, crying and wandering up and down the stair a number of times just to check (very unlike me), sleep has left me.  Instead of laying in be sobbing into my pillow, I am focusing on the beautiful family I have.

Here are a few photos from yesterdays drama class performance and the cause of my tiredness.

My Japanese Prince

Boy-child had a fantastic time during the performance.  He knew all his lines, he had quite a few, but was preoccupied with making sure everyone else was doing the right things that he almost missed them!

My Japanese PrincessGirl-child loved being the centre of attention and insisted on wearing her costume home.  When she was rehearsing she insisted on holding her notes in front of her, despite not being able to read them, it was way too cute.  

The performance was actually really well done – I know I sound surprised.  This is the third school holiday program the kids have taken part in and by far the most professional.  Every child had a role, boy-child as the only boy had a few extra parts to boost his ego and most importantly they were excited to go to class every day.  

I love you my beautiful monsters.  Your joy, your talents and your craziness makes you fun to be around.



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