Slowly going insane

15 Jan

I have lost my phone, and with it my sanity, and I have no bloody idea where to look for it now. Talking out loud hasn’t helped me, perhaps if I blog out loud I might be able to re-trace my steps easier. At this stage anything is worth a try.

I know I charged it overnight. I checked the time at 6.43am and then promptly rolled over and went back to sleep and then read for a bit. When I finally decided to get up, grabbed my phone and book and headed downstairs. I went into girl-child’s room to supervise her dressing (it is a cooler day today but you do NOT need to wear woolen tights under your shorts, nor do you need a fluffy jacket!) I put the phone on the upper balcony of her doll’s house.
Nope – not in any level of the dolls house, not even in her cupboard nor with her pyjamas on her bed. Next

I am pretty sure I went downstairs and sat the phone on top of the book on the back of the lounge chair.
No joy – the book is there, but no phone.

Breakfast and lunches were made, no use for a phone during that time. Dishwasher emptying begun, fortunately (I think) the phone is not hiding in the dishwasher or drawers. I thought about hanging out some washing but that involved bringing in some washing. I wandered out and noticed that the washing was still coated in cat fur, became annoyed and wandered back in having done nothing. The phone still wasn’t used, but I checked anyway and it isn’t outside.

I hurried boy-child upstairs to get dressed ready for drama and then procrastinated some more downstairs, still unaware that my phone was missing. Realised that it was getting late and went to get boy-child. Now I remember that the door to his room was shut. That normally indicates that he is doing something I would disapprove of. I wonder if my phone is hiding somewhere in the bombsite that is his bedroom? Wish me luck…

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