*Breathes a sigh of relief*

15 Jan

OK, so I went upstairs armed with the home phone and a camera.  This is what I found, strategically not showing the avalanche of stuff tumbling from the cupboard, nor the mess on the floor besides the bed.

The Mess

I used the home phone and called the mobile.  I had done this previously but had no luck, but it was worth trying again.  The house was totally quiet, no kid noises, no music, no TV.  I could hear a faint buzzing sound.  Crap, boy-child had obviously turned the sound down so he wouldn’t be caught playing games.

OK, think girl think.  I remembered knocking on his door before opening it, hoping he would open it for me.  He didn’t, but I let myself in anyway.  It took a few seconds as there is no door handle on the outside of his room.  (Each time we fix it, he removes it, he likes the privacy.  Now he has actually hidden the handle to prevent it from being replaced).  I thought I could remember hearing the noise his bed makes as he climbs in and out of it.  Besides, his bed seemed as good a starting point as any to begin the search.  

I rang the phone again.  I could almost hear it ring but I could feel the bed vibrate, it was definitely in there – somewhere.  I checked the top bunk.  It was clear.  I pulled back the doona on the bottom bunk, also clear.  I lifted the pillow and BINGO – my phone, my sanity and my meagre attempts at organisation all waiting patiently to be found.)I breathed a huge sigh of relief and then realised that I had wasted 2 hours of precious kid free time looking for a phone.  The dishwasher still wasn’t empty, more laundry needed doing, the floors are disgusting and there is mess everywhere.  Shit so much to do and so little time.  What should I do?  Blog my find and have a milo!


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