The Kids Shopping Request

14 Jan

The kids are both enrolled in a drama class that has a school holiday program.  As they are both still in the younger age category, 5-7 years, the program runs for 3 hours a day – just long enough to justify going home or to work to get a few things done.  I usually opt for the going home to think about getting things done option.

Now normally the classes that the kids go to are in a suburb that isn’t too far from home, that is convenient to get to and parking is always available.  I thought I had enrolled the kids at the same centre but apparently the registration didn’t go through.  We turned up there anyway – oops.  

Unfortunately they had moved the class, to a suburb that is closer to home, but involves more travel time and in the opposite direction so it was a mad dash to try and get there.  Anyway, they only missed 20 minutes of class, but by the time I sorted out why their enrollment didn’t go through, there was really no point in going home only to turn around and have to drive back again, so I filled in a few hours shopping.

The positive, or should I say dangerous side? of having their class moved is that the new class is mere minutes from Bridge Road and all the shopping that the area has to offer.  I wandered aimlessly looking at the sales, not really needing anything, or not really prepared to try things on only to have reaffirmed that ‘YES – I have put on weight!’  

I did stumble into a jeans shop that was having a giant sale and knowing that my favourite pair of jeans have just made the migration to the rubbish as there were more holes in them than actual fabric, I decided to brave it.  Besides, this shop had the exact jeans as my dearly departed and very much loved to death jeans.  I decided to bite the bullet and try on a size larger than my old jeans figuring that after so much wear mine would have relaxed and stretched.  The pair I tried on was too large – hooray, the damage wasn’t as bad as feared.  I found a pair in my old size that fit reasonably well and went to the register to pay.  

Naturally the jeans I had selected didn’t have a reduced price on the tag and the original price was $140, so I was a little concerned about how much they would be, but they fit and weren’t in a larger size (it is all about the ego).  I think I almost held my breath as they were being scanned.  I am sure that when the price came up I gasped – they were $27!  I did a double take, ran back to the shelves to see if there were more but of course they were the last pair in the store in my size.  (If I were the larger size there were 3 pair available!)  Still, I was more than happy with my purchase.

Anyway, I am clearly side-tracked as this post was supposed to be about the kids shopping adventures and not mine…  

So, driving back from Richmond after class yesterday the kids recognised the area as being near IKEA.  Their request today was that they go to IKEA after class.  Since I effectively saved $100 yesterday who was I to disagree with their simple wish, besides the airconditioning in a shopping centre is so much better than our non-airconditioning!

When we arrived, I told the kids what I wanted – storage containers, a beach toy bag and maybe a clock and they led the way.  They know the store so well that they were able to take shortcuts to avoid the ‘boring bits’  (office furniture and beds) but made sure they hit the essential areas (the chair tester, currently almost 40,000 sits, the kids furniture/toy area and of course the cafe).  They even knew where the scanner for their kids club membership cards was hiding and managed to find the toys that they won without to much grief.  

The monsters even convinced me that they could have a late lunch so that we wouldn’t have to cook dinner tonight.  With a persuasive argument that absolved me from having to make a real dinner, it was off to the cafe.  They were almost ecstatic when they realised that the meatballs were substituted with chicken, it was like all of their dreams had come true.  Then to top of a perfect adventure, it was suggested that I sit and read my book whilst they played some more!

I am not sure but I think that I may have breed future con artists who have the ability to use logic and reasoning to get what they want AND make the victim feel good about being duped!

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