Feeling Hot Hot Hot

13 Jan

Well it looks like summer is finally here.  Today it hit 38 degrees and tomorrow it has been promised that it will hit 39 degrees, that’s 102.2 F, before a cool change comes through late in the day.

Now hot weather really shouldn’t be a problem but in our latest bout of renovations, we removed the hideous ceiling fans from the middle floor of the house.  They still worked, but now that the kids were going to be sleeping on the middle floor and I remember the ‘joys’ of throwing and toys at the fan in my room when I was a kid and trying to guess the direction of the projectiles.  Now as fun as it was, the ceiling in the house I grew up in were really high so the chances of real damage were slim.  In this house the ceilings on the upper levels are standard height and not really high at all.  The fans were actually within reach if the kids stood or jumped on the beds and besides, they were really really ugly.  

Anyway, it isn’t like we need ugly ceiling fans, we have a wizz-bang fully ducted computerised cooling system – THAT DOESN’T WORK!  You turn it on, it beeps, the outdoor unit eventually starts rumbling and finally some cool air trickles out through the vents.  Within minutes, the outdoor unit overheats and goes into auto shutdown.  It won’t regulate nor will it turn itself back on.  Just to make it so much more tolerable, the company that installed the unit no longer exists.  We have a complaint listed with Consumer Affairs but that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  As the external and internal units are from different companies, we can’t even work out what component is at fault or if they are both at fault.  Hooray, I look forward to endless hours on the telephone trying to get someone to support a unit that they didn’t install.  I can’t wait.  The only part of the unit that really works is the part that tells me exactly how hot it is in the house and right now it is 30 degrees in my bedroom and that is with an extra aircon unit on full blast.  

Now normally I would open the doors to let a breeze flow through the house but there is no point as there is absolutely no breeze at all.  The temperature outside is about the same as inside the house.  We still have some ceiling fans downstairs that do circulate the air a little and cool the room down.  The fans are in the same area of the house as the TV and the cricket is on the TV and that is no fun at all.  

To make a hot night more pleasant, I decided to go up to the kids study to play online, unfortunately at some stage during the day, the evil cat has decided that she couldn’t walk all the way downstairs to go outside and has peed on the bloody carpet – again.  Despite trying to mop up the mess and then flood the area with fresh water it still smells.  To try and dull the smell we have sprinkled eucalyptus oil on the carpet.  It is hiding the smell for now, but after another hot day I am sure the smell will be back and intensify.  

Any suggestions on how to rid the house of the lovely odour of cat piss?  As well as mopping up the mess and  flooding the area we have tried vinegar (it did mask the stink but the room smelled of salad dressing).  I think the next step is baking soda and peroxide.  If that fails who knows what I will do to get rid of the smell.  Fingers crossed the cat will stop peeing on the carpet and go outside as she has always done.

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One response to “Feeling Hot Hot Hot

  1. Kay

    January 14, 2009 at 2:30 am

    Yikes… It is still “winter” here… but a winter day of 70 degrees (F)… Ilove living in CA.

    I have no advice for cat pee smells…. thankfully our cat alwasys did his duty either in the pot or right next to it on the bathroom floor. Easy to clean up and such.

    Have you tried incense?


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