Out of the Bag

12 Jan

Last week, during our DINK time when we had the time, energy, cash and no requirement for a baby sitter we made the most of the situation and went out frequently.  One of those nights out was to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  The invite surprised us – the birthday boy is someone we have known for a year or so, but not someone that I would actually list as a close friend.  The only people attending this dinner were close friends, primarily friends that he grew up with, a work friend and then us.  It was strange that we were in that grouping.  Not only do we barely know him, we are years older than him an everyone else there, and we live totally different lives.  He lives with his girlfriend and likes to go out often and we are old and married with a couple of kids and oh-so-domestic.  

The whole situation got us thinking of the different invites we have had and how we fit into each circle of friends.  I guess it is fair to say that we have an extensive circle of friends from many different areas; school, university, many different work places, neighbours both old and new, family friends and people we have met through our kids.  Of these people, I would call very few of them real friends, people that we can call on at any time for any thing.  

So for a couple with very few close friends, why is it that we have invites to many gatherings of ‘close friends’?  We came to the conclusion that we fix things.  We are the people that others turn to when something is wrong.  

     What, you are looking for a job?  We will see what we can do.

     Oh, you need somewhere to stay?  There is room at our place.

     Is your car not working?  Don’t worry, we will drive you home later.

     Have you got plans for dinner?  Come on over, we are thinking of barbequeing.

     Your husband/wife/partner is a (insert description here)?  We will try and help you work through it.

     So you are stuck at work and can’t get home?  Don’t stress, we will pick your kids up and they can play here.

The next logical question was – who fixes us when we need fixing?  The conclusion was that I fix man-child.  But what about me?  Even if I was capable of ever asking someone for help, I don’t really have any one to turn to, to ask for help.  Oh but I blog!  Yep there it is, out of the bag –  I blog. The world of the internet fixes me.   Dear Husband, I tell the internet my joys and sorrows and they in turn make it all better.  The end.  There are so many people out there who comment, to help me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  People who send me an email telling me to keep on going, that they know I will survive and offer their support.  So many bloggers who write so beautifully about difficult periods of their lives and so many more amazing writers who keep me laughing.  So thank you internets for keeping me entertained and sane.

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One response to “Out of the Bag

  1. Lea White

    January 13, 2009 at 10:23 am

    The internet is definitely a close friend of mine!

    Lea White


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