Home Sweet Home

11 Jan

Well after an exhausting few days at camp, I am home, the monsters are home and life is returning to normal.  Noise levels in the house have increased but the energy levels are depleted.  The kids are exhausted after their holiday with my parents.  Instead of a spending a day having an adventure we had a day that involved many minutes of arse sitting watching movies and playing board games.  

I wasn’t feeling to fantastic, I think that my dietary changes at camp were wreaking havoc with me.  I normally have a severely reduced consumption of gluten and lactose.  At home that makes for a boring diet, but it is manageable.  My experiences of gluten and lactose free camp food have been less than decent, in fact the food is usually less flavoursome than a cardboard box.  The thought of three days of eating cardboard with a side salad wasn’t so appealing, so I thought I would take my chances with the ‘tasty’ camp food on offer.  

OK, so the theory was sound but it didn’t play out the way I had hoped.  The food was tasty, but I ended up feeling bloated and crappy.  Add to that the lack of sleep and the extra hours of being switched on and it has left me feeling well below par and thankful that the kids didn’t want an action packed day today.

We did have a brief moment of adventure in the park over the road that involved me resting on the grass watching the others have fun before going back home to spend the remainder of the afternoon on the couch alternating between groaning  and sleeping.  

Hopefully a decent sleep tonight, if I ever go to bed will set me up for a good day tomorrow.  By good I mean a day of suitable eating, but that means that at some stage I will have to go to the market.  I hope I can convince the kids that ‘shopping is fun’!  Then at some stage we might have time to go somewhere like here – where I went on camp…Time to Relax

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