Holidays at Home

05 Jan

Well I have been AWOL for a few days, AWOL from the computer because a slow, lazy, relaxing and somewhat sociable life just happened to get in the way.  Oh, and the reason I couldn’t clear my Google Reader was my impatience coupled with the fact that my internet access HAS BEEN SPEED LIMITED!   How in the hell could we possibly have used 15 Gig in less than a month?  So for at least one more day I will be doing all things online at a speed of 64kb instead of the uber-fast 487 kajillion kb transfer rate 😦

So this is how I have been spending my time away from work and not online…  

On Friday we decided that we should at least attempt to go through some of the accumulated stuff that needed sorting.  The stuff that you know you need but can’t decide where to put it so that you will know where to find it, so instead it just gets shoved into a pile of other oh-so-important stuff.  Well man-child hit the jackpot, he found a couple of free movie passes.  OK, so the passes had expired 2 days previously but we thought what the hell, lets give it a shot and off we went to the cinema.

The cashier didn’t even look at the passes, just scanned them and gave us our tickets and we were on our way to stock up on popcorn and coke ready to sit through the epic Australia.  I really didn’t know what to expect of the movie, I had heard that it had been crucified in the media but that was about all.  I went into the cinema with my usual expectations to suspend belief and enjoy the show, and that I did.  It was a beautiful story set in an amazing landscape telling (yes I know I am ignorant) a story I barely know.  It makes me realise just how little I know of our history, or world history for that matter.  I feel like I should know more, that I need to learn more but I don’t know where to begin.  Instead of going home to learn more and to validate the facts presented in the movie, we were invited to go out to dinner with my best friends.

Dinner was delicious – Japanese.  Almost everyone had a great time, although man-child was in a shit of a mood.  He was being a petulant little brat, and the cause was that I gave away a scanner that we purchased 2 years ago at a garage sale for $10 have used maybe 6 times ever.  He was annoyed that I didn’t ask first if I could give it away, despite him being a part of the original conversation months ago when we made plans to get rid of it!  His mood continued when I decided that rather than look at the menu, we would let E choose the dishes for us to all share.  You know, I used the logic that she can read the menu in Japanese and she knows our culinary likes and dislikes.  Not surprisingly, she chose a perfect menu that had the dishes that he would have ordered had he been given the choice, he was annoyed that he didn’t have the choice.  GRRRR – why do I choose the exactly wrong moments to be decisive?  The grumpiness aside, it was a great day.

Saturday we were invited to the ‘Kew Shack’ for a barbeque.  Now when I say ‘Kew Shack’ it is said full of irony, it is actually a mansion that friends house-sit at this time every year, although this is actually the last year as the ‘Shack’ has been sold for an undisclosed sum that is upward of $11million!  It has at least 5 bedrooms, a study, music room complete with grand piano, formal dining, many bathrooms, a gym with its own sauna and the obligatory gigantic kitchen and family area that overlooks a backyard straight from a holiday brochure.  The focal point of the yard is the gazebo that houses a beautiful kitchen with every mod-con imaginable that is much nicer than my own indoor kitchen and a dining room also.  Naturally there is a flat screen tv hidden in the kitchen, of course it is connected to pay tv, dvd and internet incase you need to keep up with what is happening in the real world.  On one side of the gazebo is a flood lit tennis court with an additional space for basketball.  Further along the yard is a shady space for the trampoline, bikes and cubby houses amongst beautiful trees and gardens.  The other side of the gazebo is the obligatory and beautifully landscaped pool area that of course has a spa and outdoor shower.  Of course we mustn’t forget the separate change areas and bathrooms for boys and girls!  

So amongst this grand setting we sat and relaxed with a group of friends.  It was beautiful and fun, but I felt lonely.  I didn’t go to this same event last year as it wasn’t the most kid friendly environment, they were invited but they would have been the only kids there, so I chose to stay home with them and man-child went alone.  This year, there were babies and toddlers everywhere, even the hosts are expecting a child.  Naturally most of the conversation related to children and it made me miss having my kids around, knowing that even if they were around I would have to spend my afternoon playing tennis or basketball and swimming.  I guess every cloud has a silver lining and I was able to relax, have a few drinks and enjoy baby cuddles without the obligation of parenting them.  As a result, we were last to leave the party!

I tried to sleep in yesterday but as like other days of my holiday, I seem to wake at around 7.  With no plans for the day, I stayed in bed reading for a few hours.  When I did finally emerge downstairs man-child was all ready to go shopping – I think he was hungry and had discovered that there was nothing edible in the fridge.  We spent the day going from one shopping area to another shopping area, eventually ending up at Ikea buying a cantilever umbrella for the backyard.  

Having a new umbrella was cause for celebration, so we invited the neighbours over for a barbeque and dip in the hot tub.  We had a great night eating, drinking, playing wii and relaxing in the tub that before we knew it, it was after midnight and apparently some people had to work in the morning so it was time to get some shut-eye.  

During the course of the evening, we were told about the issues a friend is facing about his extensive alcohol abuse .  This got man-child thinking about his own relationship with alcohol and more importantly his family’s relationship with alcohol.  It saddened him to think that as a child/teenager he was completely unaware of his father’s secret addiction.  He then became angry that he didn’t know and therefore couldn’t help back then, when help may have made a difference.  Now he is stuck trying to pick up the pieces of someone else’s life and having little effect and as a result is becoming more and more frustrated.  

He is still frustrated, frustrated about his family and their multitude of issues and now he is frustrated that he is back at work.  He has called a few times already complaining about being at work, I am predicting that he will be home early this afternoon!

So that brings me to today.  I am well stocked with books I haven’t read thanks to a stop at a super-cheap book store yesterday.  I haven’t reached my wii-fit total for yesterday so I need to catch up.  All those boxes that need sorting, still need sorting, and I don’t think that I will do any of it!  I am loving my holidays at home doing absolutely nothing, besides a few days offline and my reader is accumulating again.

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