A Great Start

01 Jan

Well the year is off to a great start.  In fact 2008 ended well also.  

A few of us gathered at a friends house for a few quiet drinks and a few games of mario cart.  As there house is rather small, we decided to retire outside, with the tv and the wii!  

The evening was quite chilly so we ended up lighting a fire in the chimnea in the back yard, reminiscing that this time one year ago we were sitting in the same courtyard, sweltering in 40+ degree heat (that’s Celsius, so about 100 or so F!)  We chatted about the years gone by, when 3 of us were all in our final year of high school oh so many years ago, about what we wanted then compared to where we are now which of course led us into the topic of what comes next.  

Soon we were making plans and resolutions for next year.  It was unanimously decided that this year is ‘the year of the tight-arse’, that we could make our own fun without having to spend a fortune, that we would enjoy people and places and not the materialistic objects that clutter our lives.  We planned to take time for ourselves as individuals, as couples and a a group of friends.  We also planned on having days for adventures like this and this.  

Throughout the evening, far too many drinks were consumed.  Slowly things began to quieten down with people drifting towards sleep.  Man-child and I had plans to walk home to enjoy a quiet sleep-in in our own bed but it was too cosy by the fire, relaxing in banana lounges and snuggling in blankets.  

Eventually, at around 4.30am, we decided that we were all too old to sit around and wait for the first rays of sunlight of the New Year and we all retired inside.  We shared the couch with another friend and just like at a teenage sleep-over we continued to chat and giggle for another hour or so.  I finally drifted off to sleep, but she couldn’t sleep and decided to walk home.  We bid her farewell at around 6am and then dozed until 8 or so.  Unfortunately the body clock kicked in and refused us any more sleep after about 8 and far to few minutes sleep.  

It was too early to get up and go without waking the rest of the house, so I lay on the couch reading New Moon and just like when I read Twilight, I curled up and wanted to continue reading.  

So as I said right at the beginning of this post, the year is off to a great start.  Right now, as day 1 draws to an end, I could sit downstairs amongst friends who are playing poker, I could read about everyone else’s new year beginnings, I could even catch up on some well needed sleep, but instead I think I will continue reading in relative peace and quiet.  

I hope that everyone has had a safe, happy and health start to the new year.



One response to “A Great Start

  1. andeeroo

    January 2, 2009 at 7:05 am

    Relish the peace in your life throughout 2009.

    check out the good, bad and ugly resolutions of 2009 –


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